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Call Me

1988, 1920x1080

Patricia Charbonneau


Baberellas (2003) is a softcore movie and has lots and lots of naked women, and the Deleted Scenes and DVD Extras are also well worth watching:

Athena Demos

Athena Demos deleted scene

Bettie Dewar

Bettie Dewar DVD extras

Dahli Diamond

Deborah Dutch

Deborah Dutch deleted scene

Jana Cova

Julie K.Smith

Julie K.Smith deleted scene

Julie K.Smith DVD extras

Julie Strain and Porcelain Twinz

Julie Strain and Porcelain Twinz deleted scene

Julie Strain and Porcelain Twinz DVD extras

Kelly K.C. Quann

Kelly K.C. Quann deleted scene

Kelly K.C. Quann DVD extras

Linda Vox

Linda Vox deleted scene

Linda Vox DVD extras

Regina Russell

Regina Russell deleted scene

Regina Russell DVD extras

Sasha Peralto

Sasha Peralto deleted scene

Sasha Peralto DVD extras

Shauna O’Brien

Shauna O’Brien DVD extras

Some dancers not identified

Unidentified dancers in the DVD extras

Too Late


Johnny's comments:

Too Late is a noir drama in 5 parts with each part taking place in real time and in a single take. Dorothy (Crystal Reed) is desperate to call private investigator Sampson (John Hawkes) but is out of credit on her phone. Two small time drug dealers (Dash Mihok and Rider Strong) just happen to be walking by and lend her their phone. Dorothy calls Sampson and he comes to talk to her, but in the time it takes for Sampson to get to Dorothy, she is murdered by a man (Brett Jacobsen) posing as a park ranger. At the house of strip club owner Gordy Lyons (Robert Forster), he is talking to his friend Roger (Jeff Fahey), while Gordy's wife Janet (Vail Bloom) is having a nervous breakdown, which is about to get worse when Sampson arrives at the door claiming to use the phone after having a car accident. Years ago at a strip club, surly stripper Jill (Dichen Lachman) attempts to get Sampson to buy a lap dance, but Sampson is more interested in Dorothy, who Jill intensely dislikes. Back in the present, Sampson finds Jill running a drive-in theatre and outdoor boxing ring and they 'reminisce' about old time before Sampson apprehends Dorothy's murderer. Eleanor Mahler (Joanna Cassidy) contacts Sampson as she is looking for her missing granddaughter with her aloof mother Mary (Natalie Zea) as Eleanor found Sampson's name in her granddaughter's belongings. But, he has a surprise for Mary, while a surprise is waiting for him.

Too Late runs with its one-take gimmick which both works very well and meanders a little too much in the space of each 20 minute take and you'll need a whole heap of patience to go with it. But, a week after watching, I'm still fascinated by the film, even if it's not wholly successful. John Hawkes is excellent as the private investigator dragged kicking and screaming into something he does not want to be involved in, but is neck deep in it. There's also surprisingly good support from Dichen Lachman as the seen-it-all girl (reprising her character from the short film Too Late is based on) and her conversations with Hawkes are well conceived. A definite oddball take on the noir genre that owes a lot to Tarantino (I mean a lot), one that will divide audiences, but I gotta say I loved it no end.

Vail Bloom film clip (collages below)

"Orphan Black"

Tatiana Maslany collages below

TV/Film Clips

Amanda Kozlo in Girls For Sale (2016) in 1080hd

Olivia Delcan in Isla Bonita (2015) in 720p

Elzbieta Matynia in 11 Minutes (2015) in 720p

Minna Haapkyla in Armi Elaa (2015)

Sophie Marceau in Firelight (1997) in 1080hd

Tiina Lymi in Akvaariorakkaus (1993)

Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh in Single White Female (1992) in 1080hd



Kelly Preston in Secret Admirer (1985) in 1080hd


Paris Hilton

Ann-Marie Holman in Stripteaser

Maria Ford in Stripteaser

Nikki Fritz in Stripteaser

Tracy Scoggins in Ultimate Desires