TV Round-Up

Wikipedia describes Paradis criminel as a two-part mini-series, both of which aired last night. I'm not sure why that makes it a mini-series rather than a two-part made-for-TV movie, but the problem could be because I misunderstand the page, which is in French. The important point is this: naked French chicks.

Johanna Bah 1080p film clip

Joy Esther 1080p film clip

Jemima West 1080p film clip. (Yes, she's French, despite the name.)


Gillian Alexy showed some flesh in the new episode of Damages (s5e7)


Johnny Moronic covers the new episode of Puberty Blues in his section

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  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



In celebration of the season two premiere, let's recap season 1 in 1920x1080 film clips


Kathleen Robertson

Hannah Ware

Continuing the British movies, this week it's the 70s and 80s. The 70s continue the interesting time in British movies nudity-wise, as you can see from the movies in this week's collection. Producers such as George Harrison Marks, David Stanley and Stanley Long were continually pushing the boundaries of nudity. There wasn't much in the way of story, just enough so that there could be plenty of naked women, many of whom also posed in the girly magazines of the time. Possibly the most famous of these women was Mary Millington. This last week has been the 33rd anniversary of her death. She killed herself on 19 August, 1979 at the age of 33. Today's group includes two movies that were made after her death using archive footage, as there was a scramble to cash in on her name.

Today: Part 2 of 5

Emmanuelle in Soho

Emmanuelle in Soho (1981) produced by David Sullivan is yet another softcore movie and was going to star Mary Millington, but she committed suicide before it went into production. However, there is much nakedness by the other women. In the extras there is also some of the hard-core material that was tacked on for the European market:

Anita Desmarais

Erika Lea

Geraldine Hooper

Julie Lee

Kathy Green (Mary M's real-life ex-girlfriend)

Linzi Drew

Mandy Miller

Oodles not identified

Extra Features

Mary Millington's True Blue Confessions

Mary Millington's True Blue Confessions (1980) consists of archive material and she is the only named woman in the movie.

There are lots of other naked women.

Mary Millington's World Striptease Extravaganza

Mary Millington's World Striptease Extravaganza (1981) is just a lot of strippers, some of whom I could identify. The most well-known is, of course, Mary Millington using archive footage.

Others I could identify were Angie Quick,

Chantal Gray and Julie Lee,

and Kathy Green.

more Kathy Green with others

(The others were identified by their first name, which appears to be their correct name.)

and a legion of unidentified women


No nudity in Tommy (1975) but some very good looking women:


Tina Turner

and twins Juliet and Gillian King.

Film/TV Clips

Celia Muir in Dead In France (2012)

Olivia Andrup in Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy again, finally in 1080p

Abi Tucker in The Secret Life Of Us (somewhere in the early 2000s. It was an Aussie TV series)


Dominique Dicaprio in The Dictator (2012)

Dawn Jackson in The Dictator

The nudity in the Lawless trailer (actresses unidentified at the moment)

There is supposed to be a lot more in the film itself, which I have not seen.