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still going through my old DVDs looking for things we don't see very often:


Will Hieronymous Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness


Quick, name a Felliniesque X-rated musical with 11 words in the title starring Georgie Jessel and Milton Berle. Too easy? OK, name the other one.

I'm joshin', of course. This movie is truly one of a kind. The script, songs, and direction (and some of the nudity) were all provided by the English stage star Anthony Newley, who is most famous for the memorable songs he wrote: What Kind of Fool Am I, Goldfinger, Feelin' Good, The Candy Man, etc.

I find this movie oddly compelling, if more than a bit pretentious.

The quality of these clips is at a VHS level, but that's the only game in town. This forgotten film has never come to DVD. (I have a homemade DVD recorded from some other source. I don't even remember where this came from!)

Playmate Connie Kreski provided the bulk of the female nudity as Mercy Humppe. Special bonus: you're going to hear Milton Berle singing, or at least trying to.

This woman chipped in as well.


The Seniors


Grade-Z T&A film from the seventies. Here's one Dennis Quaid would like to forget. You'll see him in one of the clips.

A young Priscilla Barnes

Chantal Westerman

Ashley Cox

unknown. She has a major speaking role, and her character is named Larissa, but she is not credited, except perhaps in the long roll of "also featuring" names, and I don't know who among them is she.


Sweet 16

Here's another weak effort, although this one featured some established actors like Bo Hopkins, Susan Strasberg, and Patrick "Steed" Macnee. (By the way, IMDb says Steed is still alive and will turn 90 in February.)

Also in there somewhere, my main man, Larry Storch! (Also still alive. Will be 89 in January) I'm trusting IMDb on that ID. I don't know where he was and never spotted him. (I fast-forwarded ... because life's too short to dance with ugly women.)

Anyway, the nudity came from a forgotten actress named Aleisa Shirley


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"The L Word"

Season 4

More from Episode 7

Kristanna Loken and Katherine Moennig, 960x528. See below.



Film Clips

A few from the 1080p version of Sex and Zen (1991)

Isabella Chow and an unknown

Isabella Chow and Rena Murakami

Mari Ayukawa



Kiersten Morgan in The Watermelon (2008)

Madchen Amick in Dream Lover (1993) in 1080p

Daryl Hannah in Splash (1984)

Phoebe Cates in Private School (1983)

Betsy Russell in Private School

Brinke Stevens and others in Private School