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Intimate Strangers


Intimate Strangers is a made-for-cable erotic thriller starring Deborah Harry. She plays a singer who does phone sex as a day job. One night, a creep calls, and wants a three way with her and the woman he has tied to his bed. He proceeds to kill the woman by slitting her throat, and then promises that Harry will be next. She goes to the cops, but is laughed out of the station. Beat cop James Russo overhears and believes her, and thinks the case could be his shortcut to a detective job. Since he is acting on his own, his investigative procedures include unauthorized wiretaps and illegal access of miscellaneous confidential data.

An erotic thriller should be both erotic and thrilling, and this one suffers on both counts.

Lack of erotica: There was a sex relationship between Harry's sister and Russo, but no skin was shown. In fact the entire film is light on nudity.

Lack of thrills: There is never any real sense that Harry is in danger. Moreover, the entire film is a little too dark, and the transfer is less than wonderful.

Intimate Stranger



Tatyana Tighera, as the first victim, ...



... and Tia Carrere, as a hooker, show breasts.










Today from "Beerfest" we have some topless babes.


Candace Smith shows breasts while making love.


Simona Fusco shows off the Robo-Hooters in scenes from the special features section of the DVD.




And a few topless unknowns display the goodies.








Notes and collages

Short Cuts

Last group from this film.


Madeleine Stowe


Frances McDormand







Grid Runners

Cheap action movie starring the Dragon himself, no not Bruce Lee, but Don 'The Dragon' Wilson. He has to take care of some virtual bad guys who were brought to life. Of course a virtual stripper came too, played by Athena Massey, who looks great.




Peggy Trentini



Athena Massey









¿Quién puede juzgar a 10 chicas, casi adolescentes, del Este de Europa que quieren buscar un futuro mejor en Bélgica? Nadie, incluso aunque sea aceptando un contrato muy sospechoso de unos hombres que les ofrecen una vida de glamour como bailarinas de una compañía, incluso aunque les adviertan de que esos hombres lo que pretenden en realidad es prostituirlas. Sólo quieren una vida mejor, aunque puede que el viaje que inician vaya directo a un infierno del que no podrán escapar.

Esto es Matrioshki, la cruda, terrible, pero realista historia de un puñado de chicas arrancadas de sus hogares con mentiras y condenadas a ser esclavas sexuales por una despiadada banda de delincuentes que no tienen el menor problema por traficar con mujeres, obligarlas a prostituirse e, incluso, matarlas. A lo largo de los 10 episodios de Matrioshki, acompañaremos a estas jóvenes en su viaje hacia el infierno.


Ten Eastern European girls, barely past adolescence, take a chance on a better future in Belgium, even though it involves being bound by a very suspicious contract to men who offer a glamorous life as dancers, but intend to force them into prostitution.

This is Matrioshki, the crude and horrifying but realistic history of a handful of girls uprooted from their homes with lies and turned into sex slaves by ruthless criminals who would not hesitate to kill them. Throughout the 10 episodes of Matrioshki, we will accompany these young people on their trip towards a hell from which they may not be able to escape.


Here you have the trailer for the series:


The introduction for each of the episodes:


Capítulo 2 / Chapter 2


Ailika Kremer



Eugenia Hirivskaya


Indre Jaraite and Zemyna Asmontaite


Lyubov Tolkalina



Mila Lipner and Lyubov Tolkalina


Svetlana Vladimirovna


Zemyna Asmontaite and Eugenia Hirivskaya









Gillian Anderson in Straighthead. Incredible nipples.

Pre Californication, here's Paula Marshal's previous nude appearance, more than a decade ago in The New Age.

A film clip of mild Brooke Banner, belted by gamma rays, in Californication
Here are some Sienna Miller pics without the watermarks.

Jade Jagger caught by paparazzi






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

In Manchester, England, police charged a 12-year-old boy with assault for throwing a cocktail wiener at a pensioner.  He had to appear in court, where his mother admitted it was bad behavior but called the assault charges "an absolute joke," saying her son was terrified he'd go to prison.  But police said they had no other option: the victim reported the crime, and the boy had been reprimanded three times before.

*  He had prior arrests for assault with a Dorito, a crab puff and a Swedish meatball. And the Dorito was really pointy!  

*  Couldn't they have just sat him down for a frank discussion?

A couple of 19-year-olds in Warsaw, Poland, astonished onlookers when they stripped and started having sex on the pavement next to a busy street in the middle of the day.  Security cameras from a nearby shopping center caught it all, and photos appeared in local newspapers.  A police spokesman said the two were so engrossed in the act that when cops tried to pull them apart, "they told us to get lost and leave them to finish what they were doing."  He said that later, "They said they just couldn't help themselves."

*  People shouldn't have sex on the highway. They should just make do with a Hummer.


Motivational speaker Grant Trevithick of Carrollton, Texas, was sentenced to five years in prison Monday, after technicians repairing his computer discovered 500 child porn images on it.  Trevithick did spiritual and inspirational life-coaching, sold CD seminars, and wrote several books, including "How to Win at Life," "The Way It Is," "The ABCs of Personal Relationships," and "5 Secrets to Self-Love."

*  We can guess what his #1 secret to self-love was. 

In the tradition of "TomKat" and "Brangelina," the UK tabloids have begun referring to Kate Moss and Pete Doherty as "KatPee".

* It's appropriate, since I bet that's what their house smells like.