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You probably read yesterday that one of the contestants on Dating Naked, a woman named Jesse Nizewitz, is suing the network because they failed to blur her privates in one segment. That embarrassing moment was a graphic open-legged shot of her coochie and bumhole. Here's the vid, with some samples below.

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"The Girls Guide to Depravity"

  (season two)


today: the second part of episode eight

Meg Barrick

Film and TV Clips

If you liked Diane Kruger's bum in The Bridge, you'll like it even more as it was seven years ago in The Age of Ignorance (2007) in 720p

But if you go back five more years, it was even sexier, and you'll get an even better look at it in The Target (2002), which was lensed when she was still performing as Diane Heidkruger.

Crystal Lowe in Insomnia (2002) in 1080p

Inma del Moral in La marcha verde (2002)

Asia Argento and Laura Johnson in Trauma (1993)




This is supposedly an Ashley Benson Instagram.
That's all I know, and even that may not be accurate.