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In celebration of the season two premiere, let's recap season 1 in 1920x1080 film clips


Kathleen Robertson

Jennifer Mudge

Hannah Ware


Continuing the British movies, this week it's the 70s and 80s. The 70s continue the interesting time in British movies nudity-wise, as you can see from the movies in this week's collection. Producers such as George Harrison Marks, David Stanley and Stanley Long were continually pushing the boundaries of nudity. There wasn't much in the way of story, just enough so that there could be plenty of naked women, many of whom also posed in the girly magazines of the time. Possibly the most famous of these women was Mary Millington. This last week has been the 33rd anniversary of her death. She killed herself on 19 August, 1979 at the age of 33. As I mentioned last time, this week's group will include two movies that were made after her death using archive footage, as there was a scramble to cash in on her name.

Today: Part 1 of 5

The Shout

The lovely Susannah York is completely naked in The Shout (1978)

and Carol Drinkwater shows a lot of leg.

I have included some movies of Susannah's performance. (samples below)

White Mischief

There's a hint of bush by Greta Scacchi in White Mischief (1987).

Jacqueline Pearce's pendulous boobs are on show,

and there's some pokies by Sarah Miles.

I have included movies of Greta (sample below)

and Jacqueline (sample below).

Barry McKenzie Holds His Own


Barry McKenzie Holds His Own is the 1974 follow up to the 1972 original where Barry McKenzie (Barry Crocker) and his aunt Edna Everage (Barry Humphries) are heading over to Paris to visit Barry's identical twin brother Kevin (um, probably Barry Crocker...), a reverend who is doing a talk in Paris. Meanwhile in Transylvania, head vampire Count von Plasma (Donald Pleasence) is wanting some royal blood and accidentally mistakes Edna Everage for the Queen of England and sends two incompetent goons to kidnap her. Finally, they kidnap her and the Australian cultural attaché tells Barry that he is not safe in Paris and that he can hide in England. Except, you now need a work permit to get into England, so Barry is smuggled in by boat. Once in England, he is instantly detained, but escapes to the Australian embassy where they hatch a plan to get Edna back from the Count. Having a similar nonsensical plot change as the Alvin Purple sequel, this film handles it a lot better though. This film is actually pretty funny, I especially crack up any time the legendary Clive James' piss pot character appears on the screen, always opening a Foster's and then being siphoned for his blood, except it's 100% Foster's. Yeah, it's still very politically incorrect, there's even a black face scene, but once you get over the fact that these were different times, it's a very enjoyable sequel.


Film/TV Clips

Lady Gaga's Monstervision (#3) presents some home movies of her flashing her tittays

Olivia Andrup in Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy (2012), this time in 720p

Anne Suzuki in The Egoists (2011)


Brooke Hogan gets nekkid for PETA

SI swimsuit model Melissa Haro sans swimsuit

Shell Jubin in Big Brother UK circa 2004

Here's the entire Shell Jubin clip in an external link. (Also showing Michelle Bass nude)