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in extreme HD! (1920x1080)

This is one of a multi-part series of HD nudity from Dexter.

Today: s1e6

Valerie Dillman film clips (See below)


Hot Springs Hotel

Continuing Hot Springs Hotel (1997), the soft core series. Samantha Phillips and Glori Gold were the two females who ran the hotel. There were plenty of boobs and bums but no bush. The occasional crotch shot that creeps in shows that the actresses were using patches.

The other problem was the credits, which were a work of fiction. Some actresses weren't listed in the credits, some listed in the credits weren't actually in the show and some credits were just plain wrong.  I managed to identify the vast majority particularly with the help of the Internet but there are a couple of gaps.

Episode 4 - Movie People

C C Costigan - breasts

Christiva Turner - more breasts

Glori Gold - cleavage

Linda O'Neil - cleavage

Orly Tepper - cleavage

Sandra St Cyr - breasts

Tracy Garrison - cleavage

Victoria Vogel - breasts

Unknown - a few shots of bikini-clad women




Episode 5 - Corporate Raiders

Amy Rochelle - breasts

Glori Gold - breasts

Linda O'Neil - sexy

Lori Morrissey - topless

Samantha Phillips - sexy

Sandra St Cyr - topless

Victoria Vogel - sexy

Unknown - a few shots of bikini-clad women




Episode 6 - Beauty Pageant

Babette Bardot - topless

Deanna Merryman - sexy

Linda O'Neil - sexy

Lydia Schone - topless

Orly Tepper - topless

Sabrina Allen - sexy

Samantha Phillips - sexy

Victoria Vogel - sexy



Episode 7 - Rock Star

Courtney Halford - breasts

Deborah Ferrari - breasts

Lauren Hays - sexy

Unknown - some lovely group shots


Leslie, My Name Is Evil


Black comedy loosely based on the Manson murders centering on Leslie Van Houten (no relation to Milhouse). The DVD has already been released in the UK as "Manson Girl" and will be released in the US and Canada as "Manson, My Name is Evil" although the film makers made great efforts only to refer Manson by his first name.

Kristen Hager: topless as Leslie but wearing pasties.

Kaniehtiio Horn: upskirt during catfight, then topless.

Kristin Adams: sexy as Christian girl who thinks chastity is not letting the guy past third base.

Viviana Zarrillo: panties as murder victim Rosemary LaBianca.

Sarah Gadon: sex as Manson chick.

dancers: full frontal.

(Some could be uncredited ranch girls Christina Jocic and Lesly Mayhue.)

Have Figure, Will Travel


Canadian nudie-ploitation about three women who visit a nudist colony. Available at Something Weird video.

Carol MacKenzie: full frontal.

Marge Anderson: nude.

Susan Baxter: boob and butt.

duckgirl: move the duck.

Between Truth and Lies

(2006 TV movie)

Movie featured during some-weirdo-is-stalking-me-and-my-daughter week on the wimmin's network.

Mariel Hemingway: side boob after shower.

Maggie Castle: upskirt, cleavage, brassiere, and buns.

Jennifer Steede: brassiere as obligatory hooker.

Power Play


Recently released to DVD. One of the few non-exploitation movies featured a woman getting tortured by having electrodes applied to her nipples.

Alberta Watson: topless in her first role.

"Paradise Falls"

episode: "Fault Lines" (s3e24, 2010)

Season 3 concludes this week. Season 4 is slated to start filming in 2015.

Kim Poirier: bra and panties.

"Corner Gas"

episode: "The Good Old Table Hockey Game" (s4e14)

Tara Spencer-Nairn: a bit more out of uniform than usual.

"Bob Gratton, ma vie/My Life"

le saison one (2007 TV series)

The rest of season one for the Quebec series.

Karine Ricard: sexy.

Sylvie Boucher: sexy as dominatrix.

Julie Burroughs: sexy.

Sandra Lavoie: cleavage as nurse.

Jessica Cote: brassiere having sex.

Marie Chantal Renaud: very sexy.

Koumba Ball: sexy in bikini.

Elyse Pelletier: sexy as aerobics instructor.

"Stripped Naked"


No surprise the lead actress Sarah Allen showed a lot more skin in a CBC episode of MVP. And she's not a natural blonde!

Sarah Allen: brassiere having sex.



Star in Graphic Sexual Horror

Claire Adams in Graphic Sexual Horror

Lorelei Lee in Graphic Sexual Horror

Maya Matthews in Graphic Sexual Horror

Lucy Brown in Sharpe's Challenge





Andie MacDowell in Ruby Cairo. This is the nudity cut from the film called "Deception" in America. (Sample below)

Irene Jacob in The Double Life of Veronique (Samples below)

Claire Nebout in Association de malfaiteurs (Samples below)

Veronique Genest in Association de malfaiteurs (Sample below)

Helena Noguerra in Mumu (Sample below)

Valerie Donzelli in La reine des pommes (Sample below)

Natalia Negoda double feature: Little Vera and Zavtra byla voyna

Maribel Verdu in Goya en Burdeos

Jennifer Jason-Leigh in Flesh and Blood