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The Dreamers


Eva Green 1920x1080 film clips - part 4







Love Actually


Laura Linney does a very quick boobie flash in these caps and a HD clip.


Joanna Page shows off her "Tiny Tots" as she gets naked in these caps and an HD clip that's fun to watch.




TV Land

Over in TV Land Norah O'Donnell takes her turn on the "Today" show couch and gives us a leg & thigh show. Caps and a HD clip.









"True Blood"

(s1, e1)

This is what kicked it all off.


Danielle Sapia film clips (collages below)







Tonight's contribution is mainly soft-core so there are plenty of naked ladies.

The Erotic Adventures of the Three Musketeers

The Erotic Adventures of the Three Musketeers (1992) is a an excellent example of why soft core movies should not try to do period pieces. The movie is set in the early 1600s so you don't expect to see tan lines, shaved bush and silicon-enhanced boobs. And, as you can see in her first collage, Britt Morgan is even wearing a bra!

The actresses showing the lot are Janet Reddix, Francesca Lee, Madison Stone, Martine Helene and Tracy Winn. Other naked actresses include Britt Morgan and Nina Hartley.

Janet Reddix

Francesca Lee

Madison Stone

Martine Helene


Tracy Winn

Britt Morgan

Nina Hartley


Dangerous Pleasures

More naked ladies in Dangerous Pleasures (2003). Jacy Andrews, Monica  Mayhem and Cheyenne are completely naked and Julia Parton shows some breast during a bit of lesbo fun.

Jacy Andrews

Monica  Mayhem


Julia Parton


Every Woman Has a Secret


Every Woman Has a Secret aka Passion Crimes (2001) has a few  actresses playing under aliases. Susan Featherly stars as Jen Dike, Angelica Costello as Venus and April Flowers as Diana Espen. All  three actresses show the lot. Lauren Montgomery is also completely naked, and GiGi Erneta and Kimber Eastwood show a bit of cleavage.

Susan Featherly (Jen Dike)

Angelica Costello (Venus)

April Flowers (Diana Espen)


Lauren Montgomery

GiGi Erneta

Kimber Eastwood


Kiss Me If You Dare

Kiss Me If You Dare aka Demon's Kiss (2002) stars a perennial favourite Beverly Lynne, who unfortunately only shows her breasts. Madeleine Lindley shows her silicone-enhanced breasts. Emmy Smith and Tanya Dempsey add a bit of eye candy.

Beverly Lynne

Madeleine Lindley

Emmy Smith

Tanya Dempsey


Hotel Erotica Cabo

Finishing up with an episode of Hotel Erotica Cabo called El Fiero (2006). Kennedy Johnston shows the lot and Kimberly Kay (aka Kimberly Fisher) shows her breasts.

Kennedy Johnston


Kimberly Kay/Fisher


Charlie's Angels

It has been three years but the fourth season of the Charlie's Angels TV series is finally out on DVD. Naturally, there is plenty to cap. This is the first half.


Episode 1 Love Boat Angels 1

Cheryl Ladd - sexy bikini

Jaclyn Smith - looking very good

Shelly Hack - looking good

Judy Landers - eye candy


Episode 2 Love Boat Angels 2

Cheryl Ladd - pokies in an extremely sexy white bikini underwater.

Unfortunately, some of the underwater scenes were I believe done by a double.

Jaclyn Smith - looking good

Shelly Hack - sexy


Episode 3 Avenging Angel

Jaclyn Smith - nice sleepwear


Episode 5 Angels at the Altar

Jaclyn Smith - looking good

Adrienne Larussa - looking good

Scoop's note: Adrienne was once married to Steven Seagal, the Weighty Warrior himself. At the time he was The Weighty Bigamist, having forgotten to divorce his first wife when he took the vows with Adrienne.!

Kim Cattrall - looking good


Episode 6 Fallen Angel

Cheryl Ladd - looking good

Jaclyn Smith - pokies

Farrah Fawcett - bit of cleavage

Marilu Tolo - pokies

Jenny Neumann - looking good


Episode 7 Caged Angel

Cheryl Ladd - pokies after a dip

Unknown (it's either Bonnie Keith or Ellen Geer) - getting a massage


Episode 8 Angels on the Street

Cheryl Ladd - looking good

Jaclyn Smith - sexy

Shelly Hack - sexy

Amy Johnston - cleavage

Nancy Fox - nice

Vivian Ford - nice

Unknown - cleavage


Episode 9 The Prince and the Angel

Farrah Fawcett - down to a bikini


Episode 10 Angels and Skates

Cheryl Ladd - looking lovely in a leotard

Roz Kelly - sexy

Lory Walsh - cleavage

Unknown - sexy onlookers


Episode 11 Angels on Campus

Shelly Hack - looking good

Unknown - sexy


Episode 12 Angel Hunt

Cheryl Ladd - looking good

Jaclyn Smith - pokies

Shelly Hack - sexy, maybe more with her high kick?








Jennifer Aniston's notorious "vag shot" from the NY Post.



Film Clips

Joanna Whalley in A Kind of Loving. We've never seen it in this size before. The film clips are more than 800 pixels high. If only the sharpness and clarity were as good as promised by that size ... but still.