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Busty Models

Busty Models (2006) stars Dee as a beat cop who finds her husband cheating on her, and divorces him. She is still recovering from the experience, when an FBI agent asks her to go undercover in a modeling agency to catch some super spies. Her predecessor was found murdered, so there is an opening at the agency, that seems to have only two models, Chloe Morgan and Monique Alexander. It takes more imagination than I have to call them busty. Dee manages to catch all the bad guys, seduce her former partner and her FBI handler, and everybody lives happily ever after.

IMDb readers say 5.2. I found this sightly less interesting than others in the genre, as there was more sex than plot, and the sex was boring and unimaginative. None the less, it has both lesbian and inter-racial content, and five naked women, meeting genre requirements.


Chloe Morgan and Monique Alexander

Chloe Morgan


Lisa Ann

Monique Alexander


Today we have the lovely Virginia Madsen in "Gotham".

Ginny gets all naked for us and those boobs look great, even when she is dead.


Virginia Madsen

Dann reports on "Death on Demand":

Think of every negative adjective you've ever used to describe a bad horror flick, and it probably applies to 2008's Death on Demand. The story is lame and very predictable, the acting is horrible, actually almost non-existent, and half of the movie is so dark you can barely see it. So what's the good news? Not much, but there is nudity, and it's not too bad. That, unfortunately, is not enough to keep this stinker afloat, but it sure as hell helps.

Amateur mountain climber Sean McIntyre returns from a climb after having killed his guide in an accident. He believed the guy was a Yeti. Apparently, things didn't get better when he got home, so Sean murdered his entire family, then hung himself.

Twenty years later, an enterprising college student offers a prize of $5,000 to a group of three couples. The winner is whoever is able to spend the entire night in the supposedly haunted house where the killings took place. To spice things up, one of the contestants is a porn star hired to make things interesting. She is paired up with a female geek known to be gay, while the other two couples are football players and their girlfriends.

To no one's surprise, McIntyre's ghost shows up, and he's still in a bad mood after twenty years. One-by-one, the contestants dwindle.

This one is strictly watch-it-for-the-nudity, with the fast-forward button handy. You'll use it (a lot).

Anne McDaniels Krista Grotte Sara Christal


Notes and collages

"The L Word" star Jennifer Beals playing a 'Babe in Bondage' in a scene from 1995's "Four Rooms".

Indie film queen Parker Posey showing pokies, plus a bit of breast exposure in a scene from "Broken English" (2007).



Amanda Peet's fantastic toplessness from "The Whole Nine Yards" (2000).

5 clips of Amanda Peet

Not nude, but Natasha Henstridge also looked pretty darn good in "The Whole Nine Yards".

4 clips of Natasha Henstridge



This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Caroline Mouton in the French TV series "La Cour des grands" (2008)