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Illicit Behavior


Also known as Criminal Intent, Illicit Behavior is either a direct-to-vid cop thriller with some nudity tossed into the mix for good measure, or an erotic thriller with much less nudity and much more plot than that genre is known for.

The easiest way to visualize the plot is to meet the characters. Robert Davie is a divorced, straight-laced internal affairs officer whose partner is in the hospital after being injured in the line of duty. Jack Scalia is a gung-ho officer with a history of excessive force complaints, and he has just blown away yet another suspect, but his partner seems fiercely loyal to him. Scalia and his wife (Joan Severance) are obviously having problems.

Since it is the twists and turns here that make the film worth watching rather than the sex and nudity, I will leave the rest of the plot for you to discover. It is a good enough story, and genre fans will probably enjoy it unless they crave a higher level of nudity with their plot surprises.

  • C- on our scale.
  • IMDb readers say 4.8.

Illicit Behavior, aka Criminal Intent

This is only available on DVD on a Region 2 PAL available at


Joan Severance shows breasts and buns in several scenes, but in only one do you see her face at the same time.



Sins of the Realm

 (Tuesday's project)


Sins of the Realm is another Lloyd Simandl Czechsploitation offering.  It has been variously called Bound Heat: Sins of the Realm in the Netherlands, Chained Sinners Medieval Fleshpots in the UK and Slaves of the Realm in the US.

This one starts out like a sword and sorcery film with an assembly of virgin princesses in the cave of the high priestess, all competing for the right to be queen. Suddenly they are all attacked and taken prisoner by none other than the sister of the king. She takes them to her castle, and imprisons them in her silver mine. (Those who saw earlier Simandl offerings will remember the scantily clad women crawling around in the mines. She is running the kingdom, is a megabitch, and plans to have each of the princesses produce a royal heir, then kill each of them, and assume rule of the kingdom herself. She already has the king drugged and in her power, so her plan is succeeding, but she underestimated the high priestess.

Rena Mero is supposed to be the star of the film but has only about ten minutes of screen time and stays dressed, even in a bath. Her main contribution to the film was her name on the box, since she is a three-time Playboy cover girl and was the wrestling headliner known as Sable.

The film's only strength is the early outdoor photography. The performances are especially bad; it is very light on nudity (except for anonymous extras); and the plot is completely transparent.

  • IMDb readers say 3.5.

Sins of the Realm, aka Slaves of the Realm, aka Chained Sinners: Medieval Fleshpots

Region 0 PAL in English with optional Dutch subtitles.

There is virtually no nudity in the first act. Daniela Khrutova, as the evil royal sister, shows breasts in a see-through. Katerina Cermak shows breasts as a captured slave. Numerous unidentified women show breasts, buns, and the occasional bush.

Daniela Khrutova



Katerina Cermak




Rena Mero (no nudity)








My Boss's Daughter

Some light "Fluff" today.

Carmen Electra with some nice breast exposure in a very wet T-shirt, then in her bra as Ashton Kutcher feels her tits.

Tara Reid with some leg and a lot of tease.




... and a bonus - a kind of chunky, but stark naked Olivia Colman.







Notes and collages

Short Cuts

There's more than Moore in this film. Start with Lori Singer.

Scoop's note: whatever happened to Lori Singer? I don't think I have seen her in a decade. Did she just walk away from acting? If so, why?









KillerKiller is a low budget British horror film that's been playing around in some festivals with some success. It starts with a guy in a mask stalking a babysitter. When she goes to take the shower he follows her to kill her but  - surprise - she takes a couple of knives and makes mincemeat out of him.

That was a nice intro.

After that we see a bunch of guys waking up in a locked building, not knowing why they are there. We find out they all are serial killers and they start dying one by one, all killed by one of their victims, always played by the same actress Danielle Laws, who makes her debut in this movie.

So they are like in a purgatory kind of place getting some payback from sweet lady justice.



Danielle Laws










¿Quién puede juzgar a 10 chicas, casi adolescentes, del Este de Europa que quieren buscar un futuro mejor en Bélgica? Nadie, incluso aunque sea aceptando un contrato muy sospechoso de unos hombres que les ofrecen una vida de glamour como bailarinas de una compañía, incluso aunque les adviertan de que esos hombres lo que pretenden en realidad es prostituirlas. Sólo quieren una vida mejor, aunque puede que el viaje que inician vaya directo a un infierno del que no podrán escapar.

Esto es Matrioshki, la cruda, terrible, pero realista historia de un puñado de chicas arrancadas de sus hogares con mentiras y condenadas a ser esclavas sexuales por una despiadada banda de delincuentes que no tienen el menor problema por traficar con mujeres, obligarlas a prostituirse e, incluso, matarlas. A lo largo de los 10 episodios de Matrioshki, acompañaremos a estas jóvenes en su viaje hacia el infierno.


Ten Eastern European girls, barely past adolescence, take a chance on a better future in Belgium, even though it involves being bound by a very suspicious contract to men who offer a glamorous life as dancers, but intend to force them into prostitution.

This is Matrioshki, the crude and horrifying but realistic history of a handful of girls uprooted from their homes with lies and turned into sex slaves by ruthless criminals who would not hesitate to kill them. Throughout the 10 episodes of Matrioshki, we will accompany these young people on their trip towards a hell from which they may not be able to escape.


Here you have the trailer for the series:


The introduction for each of the episodes:


Capítulo 1 / Chapter 1


Un grupo de criminales belgas viajan a Lituania para reclutar a chicas con la promesa de trabajar en una compañía de bailarinas por toda Europa. Las muchachas, deseosas de abandonar la miseria de su país, aceptan a pesar de la advertencia de varias personas: esos hombres pretenden obligarlas a prostituirse


A group of Belgian criminals travels to Lithuania to recruit some girls to work in a dance company touring Europe. The girls, eager to leave the misery of their country, accept the offer in spite of the warning of several people that those men would try to force them into prostitution.


Indre Jaraite







Factory Girl

If you think the job of a movie bio is to make you fall in love with the central character, then feel sad as you watch them self-destruct, then this 2006 movie based on the life of Edie Sedgwick will satisfy you.

Her parents were wealthy, and beautiful Edie showed talent as an artist, but after dropping out of Radcliffe in 1965, she went to New York where she met Andy Warhol, and immediately became involved in his world, including heavy use of drugs. She became a "Factory girl", a fixture at his New York studio dubbed "The Factory". She starred in several of his movies, but was constantly in and out of mental hospitals.

While Edie became the darling of the New York scene, her constant use of drugs and emotional problems with her estranged family took their toll. She died of a barbiturate overdose in November 1971, at the age of 28.

I personally found this movie fascinating, because I'm only a year younger than she was, so I remember many of the events and people mentioned in the movie. In addition, Sienna Miller did an amazing job as Edie. Finally, if you happen to be an Andy Warhol hater, you'll enjoy this movie, which basically portrays him as a total flaming asshole that played a major part in her demise.


Tara Summers Sienna Miller






Julia Stiles: a tiny bit of see-through for some tiny breasts.

Kim Delaney - generous see-through for some generous breasts

Skeletor Spice caught by the paparazzi

Charlie Uchea of Big Brother Eight, out and about in London earlier this week.

Marlene Jobert in Faut pas ...

Tremendous full-frontal nudity from Franziska Petri in Claire und Leo. Film clip here, sample to right.

Sienna Miller never wears any clothing in public. Here she is a few days ago in Ibiza.






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Congress could be on the verge of setting a new record: their Gallup
approval rating just hit 18 percent, matching the historic low of the House Bank scandal period, with 76 percent disapproving.  What makes this poll unique is that usually, approval is much higher among members of the party that controls Congress, but in this case, everyone agrees they suck.  Congress' approval is 18 percent among Republicans, 17 percent among Independents, and only 21 percent among fellow Democrats.

*  Well, they said that if we elected them, they'd bring America together, and they have. 

The New York Times reports that the Indiana State Fair is the latest to strike a blow for healthy eating by banning trans fats.  Fairgoers who tried the trans fat-free corn dogs, fried pickles and curly fries said they couldn't tell the difference, and knowing it's healthier made them feel less guilty about having second helpings.  One man said, "This is a slice of Heaven," as he ate his Combo Plate, which consists of one Snickers bar, two Oreos and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, all battered and deep-fried in trans fat-free oil.

*  Bleah!  I HATE health food! 

*  And then, he had a second helping.