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Extreme Movie


"House of Lies"


Brainscan's comments:

Some recent small screen things include four women playing party gals in season 2 of House of Lies.  They are Christine Nguyen (who is exposed in a scene riddled with motion blur), Erika Jordan, Tiffany Tynes and a newcomer, Halszka Kuza.

Tiffany Tynes
(Tiffany's charms are much more visible in Femme Fatales, the first episode of season 2.)

Christine Nguyen

Erika Jordan

Halszka Kuza


TV/Film clips

Lindsay Burdge in A Teacher (2013)

Amy Sloan in A Single Shot (2013)

Jytte Merle Boehrnsen and Jeanette Hain in The Forbidden Girl (2013) in 720p



Kate Lyn Sheil in Somebody Up There Likes Me (2013) in 720p

Jess Weixler in Somebody Up There Likes Me (2013) in 720p

Elisabeth Moss in Top of the Lake. s1e5, in 1080p

Gracie Gilbert in Underbelly, s6e5, in 1080p


Some (fuzzy) stills of the sexy Toni Braxton wardrobe malfunction