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In celebration of the season two premiere, let's recap season 1 in 1920x1080 film clips


Kathleen Robertson

Laura Coover

"Underbelly: Badness"

episode 2 (s5e2 of Underbelly)

Various women (see below)

The Adventures of Barry McKenzie


The Adventures of Barry McKenzie is a 1972 ocker comedy about the Aussie who everyone in Australia knows, Barry McKenzie (Barry Crocker). When Barry's father dies, his father leaves him $2000 on the condition that he spend it in England spreading his unique Aussie way. Joined by his aunty Edna Everage (Barry Humphries, who else...), he reluctantly leaves and finds himself getting fleeced by the locals as well as confiscating the precious Foster's Lager. Once in England, he meets up with his friend Curly who introduces him to the Aussie sites in London. In a pub, he is asked to act in an ad for a pervy ad director, but when he falls for his co-star (Maria O'Brien), the ad director stops him from congress, much to Barry's chagrin. Barry and Edna meet up with old friends the Gorts, a typically British family with an ugly duckling daughter they want Barry to marry, but Barry manages to escape only to be taken in by jaded hippie folk singers who use him to make it big. It turns out Barry's a hit singing one of Curly's anti-Pommie poems. But in the commotion to get his services, he is knocked out and taken to hospital where a dodgy psychiatrist (Barry Humphries, again) declares him insane because of his ocker speak. Again he escapes. His aunty then takes Barry to meet an old Aussie friend Lesley, a lesbian who has an ex-husband (Peter Cook) who is a producer of a late night BBC show and wants Barry to spread his infectious behaviour, with disastrous results. Yeah, some of the comedy has dated in our PC environment, but gross-out comedy never dates and the first Barry McKenzie film is still a pretty funny film. And let's face it, it's such an Aussie film that it might just be unwatchable to anyone outside of Australia, even the English (a thing that is ridiculously compensated for in the follow up). And boy do the Poms cop it. The only thing there is more of is Foster's. A fun film that is a nostalgic reminder of that continuing rivalry between Australia and the old Country.

More soon from the follow up to this film, Barry McKenzie Holds His Own.


Film/TV Clips

Erika Smith in The A Plate (2011)

Cecile Cristobal in Deadly Betrayal (2003; dubbed)

Nicolette Sheridan (non-nude but hot) in Deadly Betrayal


   Some stills from the season premiere of Strike Back

Lily Robinson

Melanie Liburd

Superdupermodels in the buff from Love magazine, issue three

Kate Moss

Daria Werbowy

Naomi Campbell

Lara Stone

Amber Valetta

Jeneil Williams

Kristen McMenemy

Natalia Vodianova

And eight of Kate Moss sunbathing in St. Tropez

Jo O'Meara of S Club