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"The L Word"

Season 4 DVD

Episode 5

Daniela Sea, 960x528. See below.




Finishing the ninth season of Baywatch, the last season set in Los Angeles. These were made in 1998 and 1999.

Episode 6 - Drop Zone

Kelly Packard - pokies

Mary McLaughlin - nice

Episode 7 - Hot Summer Night

Brooke Burns - lovely

Kelly Packard - lovely

Opal Anchel - sexy

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 8 - Swept Away

Brooke Burns - sexy

Kelly Packard - pokies

Mitzi Kapture - pokies

Unknown - lovely

Episode 9 - The Swimmer

Unknown - cleavage

Episode 10 - Friends Forever

Marlo Lovitch - nice

Unknown - bikini

Episode 11 - The Edge

Josie Davis - lovely

Unknown - sexy

Episode 12 -The Big Blue

Brooke Burns - sexy

Mehgan Heaney-Grier - sexy

Tava Smiley - lovely

Unknown - bikini

Episode 14 - Boys will be Boys

Bonnie Jill Laflin - sexy

Brooke Burns - cleavage

Kelly Packard - sexy

Sofie Vegara - sexy

Unknown - bikini

Episode 15 - Baywatch Grand Prix

Kelly Packard - pokies

Unknown - pokies

Episode 16 - Baywatch Down Under 1

Brooke Burns - sexy

Jodie Meares - later changed her name because a numerologist told her to. Says it all, and it didn't help.

Kelly Packard - lovely

Mitzi Kapture - pokies

Simmone Mackinnon - pokies

Tania Zaetta - nice

Tanya Koerberl - lovely

Unknown - sexy

Episode 17 - Baywatch Down Under 2

Brooke Burns - pokies

Karina Brown - sexy

Mitzi Kapture - pokies

Simmone Mackinnon - sexy

Tania Zaetta - pokies

Tanya Koerberl - sexy

Episode 18 - Water Dance

Kristina Wayburn - cleavage

Linda Brava - pokies

Unknown - bikini

Episode 19 - Double Jeopardy

Carol Grow - lovely

Jennifer Lynn Campbell - pokies

Leah Fisher - sexy

Lisa Boyle - nice

Episode 20 - Wave Rage

Jennifer Lynn Campbell - pokies

Unknown - bikini

Episode 21 - Galaxy Girls

Brooke Burns - sexy

Kelly Packard - pokies

Unknown - sexy galaxy girls

Episode 22 - Castles in the Sand

Alexis Corjon - bikini

Unknown - lovely


Mongolian Death Worm

(2010 TV movie)

Sci-fi movie which is as dumb as its title.

Victoria Pratt: sexy.

Bleading Lady


This rape scene is heavily censored on the German release because it graphically shows the rapist's schnitzel being cut off.

Sindy Faraguna: major nipplage.

Bail Enforcers


Sadly not to screen at next month's Toronto International Film Festival.

trailer: Trish Stratus as strip bar waitress in schoolgirl uniform.

some of the stars seen elsewhere:

Trish Stratus: very sexy.

Sabrina Couture: arms-over-boobs, she plays a stripper in Bail Enforcers.

Paige Albrecht: b-movie babe sexy

I Hate Toronto: A Love Story


Also not on the real TIFF lineup but will premiere September 9 at the knockoff Toronto Independent Film Festival with other b-movies such as "My Mother The Snowmobile".

trailer: various babes

"Killer Instinct"

(2005 TV series)

Crystal Lowe: bra and panties in episode "She's the Bomb".

Jessica Harmon: bikini and major crotch shot in "Love Hurts"

"The Collector"

tv series season 3

Sadly only the first two seasons are on DvD.

Sonya Salomaa: finally does the dirty deed in "The Customer Service Rep" (but afterwards they're "just friends").

Sonya Salomaa: bikini top and brassiere in "The Farmer".

Ona Grauer: pregnant as a guppy in "The Farmer" with boobs big enough to nurse an elephant!

Brittney Wilson: very sexy as devil taking the form of a very naughty Catholic schoolgirl in "The Watchmaker

Samantha Ferris: still sexy in "The Media Baron".

"Rescue Me"

season 7

Cody Horn: down to panties and later pokes as the farting girlfriend as evident in the last frame.

Geneva Carr: dark upskirt as reporter.

"Murdoch Mysteries"

season 4

Irena Angelousta: bloomers in episode "Monsieur Murdoch".

Helene Joy: fully clothed sex Victorian style in "Bloodlust"

Sarah Gray: sexy but dead in episode "Bloodlust".

"Theory of a Deadman: So Happy"

(music video)

According to a Beavis and Butthead episode they used to play music videos on MTV.

Serinda Swan: bra and panties.


Tammy Gillis: actress as underwear model in skivvies, wet t-shirt, just panties, and nothing at all!

Monica Grzelak: internet gaming goddess in various states of undress.

Geneva Carr: downblouse in publicity photo.

Angela De Corte: sexy.



The F.J. Holden


The F.J. Holden is a 1977 teen drama set in the western suburbs of Sydney (mainly Bankstown) about the brief relationship between Kevin (Paul Couzens) and Anne (Eva Dickinson). One day cruising in his F.J. Holden car with his friend Bob, Kevin spots a girl sitting at a bus stop. That girl is Anne. They go around the block to come back and chat her up, but she and her friend are gone by the time they come back. Days later, Kevin and Bob spy her at a shopping mall and ask her to come out with them. She does and has sex with both of them, but builds a better rapport with Kevin and they start going out together. They go out for a while until an incident causes them to break up and Kevin doesn't take it well and causes trouble at a party.

As far a plot goes, that's pretty much it as the film isn't worried about plot. It's basically a character study of Kevin and Anne as young teenagers having a good time and their experiences with their families and friends and of course, the car, which is very central to the relationship and their new-found freedom of entering adulthood. It's a very natural feeling film, almost documentary like, but doesn't feel forced or put on and is fascinated in the minutiae of life. The absence of things like conflict and melodrama enhance the tale because you just feel like you are peering into these people's life, not taking sides. And this film does it way better than the similar styled Dogs in Space, which I absolutely hated. Hmm...

Eva Dickinson film clip (collages below)



The Plumber


The Plumber is a 1979 made-for-TV thriller from one of the Australia's best directors, Peter Weir, about a professor's wife Jill (Judy Morris), who gets an unexpected visit from a plumber Max (Ivar Kants). He has come to check the pipes in the bathroom, although no one seems to have called for him. He starts acting strangely including having a shower and this begins to alarm Jill. He then tells Jill that there's a problem with the pipes and he needs to come back the next day to fix it. All of a sudden, a quick check of the pipes becomes a lengthy project and the plumber's behaviour, including jokingly telling Jill he went to jail for rape, is really freaking Jill out. She gets her husband to speak to him and when he does, the plumber turns on the charm and Jill is forced to endure more of the plumber. Jill snaps and tells the plumber to stop mucking around and finish the job, which he does a quick patch up job. Of course, the plumbing has a massive failure and guess who has to come back and fix it. But Jill is desperate to get rid of the plumber...

Great little thriller from Weir who builds the tension quite well with not a lot to work with. Very much a low budget televisual feature but works expertly within those constraints. And holds up extremely well today.

Judy Morris film clip. Collages below:


Film Clips

Jordana Largy in Transparency, 2010. See below.

Michele Cummins in Transparency. See below.

Leslie Malton in Unschuld, 2008. See below.

Young Shin Kim in Unschuld. See below.

Asuka Kurosawa in Cold Fish in 720p, 2007. See below.

Hikari Kajiwara in Cold Fish. See below.

Megumi Kagurazaka in Cold Fish. See below.

Florentine Lahme in Keinohrhasen, 2007, 1080p. See below.

Nora Tschirner in Keinohrhasen. See below.

Vera Farmiga in Never Forever (2007). See below.

Teri Hatcher in Heaven's Prisoners, 1996. One of the most famous nude scenes of the 1990s in 1080p.

Carrie-Anne Moss pre-Matrix in The Soft Kill, 1994. See below.

Lillette Zoe Raley in Silent Rage, 1982 in 1080p. Thank you, Chuck Norris. See below.

Toni Kalem in Silent Rage. See below.

The final clip from the unrated version of Score (1973), featuring Lynn Lowry and Claire Wilburn



Tinsel Korey in The Lookout (2007)

Melissa Dionisio in Cowards Bend the Knee (2003)

Silvana Venturelli in Camille 2000 (1969)

Daniele Gaubert in Camille 2000 (1969)

Sharon Kent in Unholy Matrimony (1966)