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Hollywood's Hidden Lives

Hollywood's Hidden Lives (2001) concerns two couples. The first, a reasonably successful grade B action film producer, and his associate (Angela Davies), who supposedly finds material for him. They have an open relationship, and have a guest cottage behind their house wired for video, so they can peep at will. They get rid of Mia Smiles and her boyfriend, and decide that a newlywed couple would provide more action.

Enter our second couple. She (Kimber Lynn) catches her fiance in bed with Naked Nicole, and decides not only to dump him, but to return to acting classes. He is evicted from his apartment, and is a wannabe writer. I think you know where this is going. His best friend, also an actor in the same class as Kimber Lynn, takes time out from boffing his current flame, April Flowers, to tell them about the free guest house gig, so they pretend to be married, and move in. The other couple has a bet as to with of them can seduce one of the other couple first.

That is enough to get you started. The following women show body parts:

Mia Smiles
Angela Davies
Kimber Lynn
Naked Nicole
April Flowers
Dee Summer
Nina Ferrari
Teanna Kai

IMDb readers say 4.3. The story is predictable, but some of the characters are likable, and the sex scenes are nto as tedious as is the genre norm. The music is not irritating either.

Angela Davies

April Flowers

Dee Summer

Nina Ferarri and Teanna Kai

Kimber Lynn

Mia Smiles

Naked Nicole


Today it's off to Spain for a pair of flicks, "El Pico" & "El Pico II". Both flicks star Lali Espinet also known as Andrea Albani. Both flicks are in Spanish, but all I need to know is what I see.

Nice full frontal from Lali in "El Pico" with small but luscious tits.

More of the same in "El Pico II" as she's getting it on with one lucky dude.

Lali Espinet in "El Pico"


Lali Espinet in "El Pico II"

Tricia Helfer...better know as "Number Six". Here is the sexy cylon showing some serious pokies in scenes from and episode of "Battlestar Galactica".

Uma Thurman shows a brief breast view in the off-beat movie "Mad Dog and Glory" (1993).

Very brief breast exposure from 'TV Mom' ("7th Heaven") Catherine Hicks in "The Razor's Edge" (1984).



Breasts ahoy! Here is "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Keira Knightley going topless in scenes from "The Hole" (2001).

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This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Carole Bouquet in 1979's "Il Cappotto di Astrakan" aka "The Persian Lamb Coat"