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One interesting segment in the August 19th edition of Naked News:

From the vault: Rachel Simmons in the streets, doing the topless dance-off

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"The Girls Guide to Depravity"

  (season two)


today: the second part of episode seven

Rebecca Blumhagen

Tessa Harnetiaux

The Messengers 2: Scarecrow


Johnny's comments:

Messengers 2: The Scarecrow is a horror movie about John (Norman Reedus), a struggling farmer whose cornfield is slowly leading John and his family to ruin. One day, he finds a scarecrow locked up and he decides to put it in the field against the wishes of his young son who seems to be warning him about it. The next day, he wakes to find a whole bunch of dead crows and his corn is starting to grow. Then people that are getting in the way of John are found brutally murdered in the cornfield. But, this change in luck also changes John whose behaviour changes and he takes it out on his family, mainly his wife (Heather Stephens). When John discovers that the scarecrow is changing him, he enlists the help of his mysterious new neighbours Jude (Richard Riehle) and his younger wife Miranda (Darcy Fowers), who seem to know more than they are letting on. But, are they helping him or helping him fall apart?

Fairly stock standard thriller that's a little nonsensical, but isn't all bad and there's some nice nudity from Darcy Fowers. Funnily enough I thought I'd seen the original, but it turns out that I was thinking of another Kristen Stewart movie set on a farm with a similar storyline, Cold Creek Manor. Ah, they're all the same...

Darcy Fowers film clips (collages below)

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Michalina Olszanska in Tiger (2014)

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Mary Louise Parker in Grand Canyon (1991) in 720p


Eva Green at the premiere of Sin City 2