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2016, 1920x810

Morena Baccarin



Seclusion is a horror movie where a group of friends have joined Grant and Sarah (Matthew Wise and Clea Alsip) who are getting married and making a weekend of it at a secluded cabin that is run by a crusty old caretaker Walter (Ralph Cashen). The wedding goes well, even with Dani (Nicole Pacent) clearly disappointed Grant is getting married. The invited celebrant is after his share of women and fixates on flirty Trish (Alyson McKenzie Wells), the girlfriend of Carter (Duane Nakia Cooper), which Carter takes umbrage to and beats him up. The celebrant walks it off in the surrounding woods and is killed. The celebration between friends continues with only a minor queries about the missing celebrant, but later that night, Trish is brutally killed and her body is taken away to make it look like she wandered off too. Now the friends are worried and go off looking for the missing duo with Walter and one by one, the group are killed off. So, who is the killer?

No really, who IS the killer, because I'm completely baffled and the twist in the end is um... I dunno. I think there's more than one killer but it's not really clear cut who and that final twist doesn't help at all. Apart from that, Seclusion is a fairly uninteresting and uneventful horror movie, but it does have some great nudity from Alyson McKenzie Wells, but sadly not Clea Alsip, so there's at least that.

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