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Three interesting segments in the August 17th edition of Naked News:

Isabella Rossini is running around the beach again

Melissa Childs is hanging out in the Caribbean

Eila Adams is doing her exercises with some kind of machine that makes her entire body vibrate

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"The Girls Guide to Depravity"

  (season two)


today: the first part of episode seven

Meg Barrick



Johnny's comments:

It's been a while since I've gone through the VHS collection, so here's a 'classic' from the year of 1988.

Fever is a 1988 noir thriller set in some far out town in South Australia, where cop Jack Welles (Bill Hunter) is watching a big deal being made by a couple of international crooks. Meanwhile, his much young wife Leanne (Mary Regan) is having her way with local stud Jeff (Gary Sweet). When one of the crooks blows up the suitcase he exchanged, Jack goes after him and in the ensuing chase, the crook overturns his vehicle and dies. Jack spies a suitcase, which is full of $100 notes and decides to take it for himself before the other cops arrive to assist him. He drives home to hide the suitcase and catches Leanne and Jeff having sex and in the ensuing fight, Jeff accidentally kills Jack. Of course, the now need to hide the body and come up with a believable story, so they decide to dump him in an abandoned mineshaft. By this time, another cop Morris (Jim Holt) has worked out that Jack is up to something. And with Jack destroying Jeff's car, they take Jack beat up old station wagon where he's hidden the suitcase full of cash. Also, Jack is not dead and he wants his money. Watching this movie it struck me that it was reminiscent of director Craig Lahiff's last film (sadly he died recently), Swerve. And by reminiscent, I mean pretty much exactly the same. But, nowhere is Swerve considered a remake which I suppose isn't a problem if your remaking your own movie. Strange, I'll have to get out Swerve to see if it's mentioned. Anyway, Fever is alright thriller that actually doesn't have the issues in the final act that plague Swerve and even has the same last minute twist. Fever is far better grounded and much faster paced with the plot continually flowing as this movie takes place in one day where there's an overnight stay in Swerve. OK, Fever is a better movie than Swerve even though it's pretty much the same movie.

As always with VHS series, the quality is down. The picture is fine, but sadly the sound is crackling all the way through the Fever videos. I doubt they'll be a better version, not even a DVD release for the movie. )

Mary Regan film clips (collages below)

Film and TV Clips

Iskra Jirsak in Spots (2011)

Glenn Close in The Big Chill (1983) in 720p

Debbie Linden and Alison Elliott in Home Before Midnight (1979) in 720p



Lily Tomlin in Moment by Moment (1978). One of the most embarrassing scenes ever filmed, made even worse with obnoxious Russian over-dubbing. (It's just about impossible to acquire a good copy of this.)


Lily Allen performing at the V festival

Julia Kijowska and Monika Dorota in Pod Mocnym Aniolem