Film clips: Connelly Mania, Part 4 of 3:

  • Part four of three? OK, I got a little carried away. I ended up making a compilation of all the Connelly nudity in a single file. The resulting film was so long that I hosted it at Rapidshare,

    Rapidshare: One film clip with every minute of Jennifer Connelly nudity, plus stills and even some crappy narration.





It's August 19th and ... you're on notice:

Today's Notes:

  • Mannequin attacks. Will this supermodel war never end? Now they're using their robots.
  • Heroin-soaked panties. "My God, you're so wet. And my hands are so tingly."
  • Moseph. Angelina Jolie has said she plans to adopt every child on earth until she finds the one who swallowed the treasure map.
Woman accused of heroin-soaked panties

Calif. woman sues over mannequin attack

By the new dozen-planet definition, Earth's Moon Will Eventually Become a "Planet". Of course, it will take a while ... a few billion years.

The Chosen One's parents are going through rough times
  • Meanwhile, Shiloh has been changing her baby formula into wine.
  • Did Mary and Joseph bicker all the time as well? If I remember correctly, they spent many years traipsing through Africa, just like Brangelina.
  • Did the first century reporters call them Moseph?

Colbert covers California's 31st district

Colbert discusses the number of planets ...   Part 2 of the Pluto debate

Daily Show: Who is helping the Lebanese refugees? Here's a hint: their name rhymes with 'Lezbollah'"

Jon Stewart interviews Matt Dillon

JonBenet coverage: Corddry '06 versus Corddry '97

Stewart calculates the algebra of cable news coverage.

"Daily Show: Slow News Day: MTV's Bday
  • Morning show reporters break out their best 'Thriller' dance moves.

Which studio got the better of the Bryan Singer deal?

ZOO Magazine's 100 Sexiest Bodies - 2006

Urban Legends Reference Pages: "The English language has at least one nine-letter word that remains a valid word as each of its letters is successively removed. "

Breast implants save woman after Hezbollah attack

Bathroom Habits Survey

The history of Schwag

The Prayer Antenna

Concert Ticket Generator - prove to your wife you were really ... um ... "at the game." Yeah, at the game, that's the ticket. No, really, that's literally the ticket.

Note to self: do NOT fly to St. Maarten

Probe captures gas bursts from Mars's ice cap.
  • Earth-bound photographers photographed a similar phenomenon last winter at John Goodman's house

Proposal would increase planets from 9 to 12 - and would make Pluto's moon a planet!

Motherfuckin' celebrities at the premiere of Motherfuckin' Snakes on a Motherfuckin' Plane

Letterman: "Top Ten Bill Clinton 60th Birthday Plans"
  • Same thing he does every day - bucket of KFC and a lap dance
  • Depends on what your definition of the word 'plans' is

The Arkansas Constitution disqualifies atheists from holding office or testifying as witness! (This is not kidding around.)

Colbert's Hiphopketball A Jazzebration

Twilight Zone: The Midnight Sun. The Earth's orbit has been changed, drawing ever closer to the sun and promising imminent destruction.

RIP: TRIX RABBIT 1958-2005
  • "On August 17, 2006 the famous Trix rabbit finally got the children's cereal he so craved, and was able to eat it without anyone stopping him. Within minutes, he went into toxic shock and died. Unbeknownst to him, many ingredients in the cereal were poisonous to rabbits."

Democrats Shift Slightly to the Left, Lenin's Corpse Wins Connecticut Primary

Tim Allen's Zoom did it - 0% positive reviews. Polish up some Razzies for the lad.

This week's movies: Accepted - 2900 screens - 36% positive reviews

This week's movies: You are not going to believe this. Snakes on a Plane - 3500 screens- 83% good reviews
  • The general consensus: a truly stupid movie, and therefore a must-see event.

The latest on the Fantastic Four Sequel

Bush Lowers Expectations on Iraq to Partial Fiasco
  • But he lashed out at critics who called the invasion of Iraq a total fiasco, saying, "If we continue to make progress at the rate we are going, we will have a moderate fiasco on our hands."

Virgin Mary appears in melted chocolate (It looks like a falcon to me)

John Mark Karr, the suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey slaying, once married a 12-year-old girl after getting her to lie about her age

Chicago bans foie gras
  • Did you ever think there would be a day when Chicago would ban a type of meat. "Chicago, hog-butcher for the world, stormy, husky, brawling city of the big shoulders?"
  • I would expect this of certain sissy, PC cities which I could name, but Chi Town? "Here is a tall bold slugger set vivid against the little soft cities. Show me another city with lifted head singing, so proud to be alive and coarse."
  • I guess the Sandberg poem will require a re-write

    "They tell me you are a pansy and I believe them

    For I have heard them outlaw your food

    And I have seen you kow-tow to their whiny voices

    Submissive as a bested dog"

Meet Johnny Gallagher, worst comedian/impressionist ever

Randomly weird sentence of the day: "Utah's capital also has a strange interest in 'gerbils,' second only to Cincinnati."



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Putney Swope (1969)

Putney Swope (1969) was inspired by an incident that took place when Robert Downey Sr. was making off-beat commercials for an ad agency. A black man who did the same job noticed that Downey made much more money. The boss explained that if he gave the black man a raise, Downey would want one too, and they would be right back where they started. Starting with that, and the idea of reversing the racial roles, he wrote the screenplay for Putney Swope.

The head of an ad agency dies at a board meeting, and with him still dead on the table, they hold an election for a new chairman. All but two people vote for the agency's token black man, Putney Swope, who becomes the head of the agency. Cut to a boardroom full of radical black board members. Swope heads the company with outrageous ideas, and amasses a fortune. He is also courted by the president and the first lady, a couple of midgets. They are advised by an obvious Kissinger character.

Arnold Johnson was perfect for the role of Putney Swope, but there was a problem. He couldn't remember his lines. Then the cameraman noticed that his beard covered his mouth, and suggested that it would be easy to dub the lines in post production, so that's what they did, with Downey Sr. doing the dubbing! Downey had a great deal of trouble selling the concept, but finally found financing and distribution, and it did reasonably well. I found it terribly dated, not that biting as social satire, and only occasionally humorous. The film is in black and white, but all of the faux commercials are in color.

It's a C- on our scale, and is interesting only as a cultural artifact.

IMDb readers say 6.5.


Scoop's notes: That brings back some memories. I have only seen Putney Swope once, during its original run, in a Greenwich Village arthouse theater! It was quite the counter-culture rage back in the headiest anti-establishment days of the late 60s, and a "must see" for pseudo-intellectual university types in New York City. Hmm, I wonder what happened to the girl that went with me that night.

Anyway, I was disappointed. My reaction to the film was exactly the same as Tuna's is today, except for the "terribly dated" part. That Downey Senior was one messed-up dude. I thought the satire was clumsy, the comic timing was off, the production value was nil, and there was nothing very funny in it except for a couple of moments in the faux commercials.

The cult status it once enjoyed seems unaccountable today. It's basically an underground film, not much slicker than a home movie, one of those "ya hadda be dere" films. It was celebrated by the counter culture because it was both weird and angry and thus caught the zeitgeist by being doubly anti-establishment: it rejected establishment cultural values in a form that rejected establishment filmmaking values.

Laura Greene, as Mrs. Swope, shows a breast.
 Four unknowns show breasts in an airline commercial.






First there was "Busty Cops."  Now there's "Busty Cops 2." 

And coming soon..."Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade." 

This is the last of the project, a gal with one name, and that would be Kellemaria





all film clips in DivX format

Blues Brothers 2000

No nudity in Blues Brothers 2000 (1998), just lots of strippers in thongs and very little else.

The only identifiable woman is Shann Johnson.


Natural Born Killers

The nudity in Natural Born Killers (1994) comes from a bit of nipple exposure by Juliette Lewis.

Corinna Laszlo

and Lorraine Farris are down to their underwear.

The Two Jakes

No nudity in The Two Jakes but Jack Nicholson gets a good grasp of Madeleine Stowe's beautiful bottom (zipped .avi film clip).

Meg Tilly also looks lovely.


Grace of My Heart

There is brief topless nudity by an unknown hippy in Grace of My  Heart (1996).

Illeana Douglas is another actress that I have always  liked but the best we see is her half dressed.


Bless This House

Sally Geeson would be well known by fans of British comedy and was the eye candy in the TV comedy series Bless This House. Here, we see her in a bikini in the movie version of the TV show.


Murder, She Wrote

No nudity in a Murder, She Wrote episode called Christopher Bundy -  Died on Sunday (1986) but Katherine Moffat fills out a bikini nicely.


Sunday in the Country

Some brief breast exposed by Susan Petrie in the above-average movie  Sunday in the Country (1974) aka Vengeance is Mine.

Trial by Jury

No nudity in Trial By Jury (1994). Joanne Whalley-Kilmer shows us lots of cleavage and an upskirt

and Kathleen Quinlan finds it necessary to strip down before she kills somebody.

Godfather III

There is some very brief butt exposure by Bridget Fonda (zipped .avi film clip) in Godfather III (1990).

Masters of Horror : Haechel's Tale

The Masters of Horror series provides us with plenty of nudity. In this episode, Haeshel's Tale (2006), we see lots of Leela Savasta (zipped .avi film clip), with just a hint of bush,

and Elizabeth McQuade (zipped .avi film clip), in her one IMDb credit, as a cadaver that briefly comes back to life.

Masters of Horror : Imprint

Continuing the Masters of Horror series, we have a Japanese  contribution called Imprint (2005). Miho Ninagawa (zipped .avi film clip) shows some small breasts, which is interesting as she is shown giving birth to a baby and her breasts show no sign of having milk.

The rest of the nudity comes  from Michie (zipped .avi film clip), who is shown being tortured, which makes for a gruesome show.





Cemetery Gates (2006)

Kristin Novak


Kisses and Caroms (2006)

Nicole Rayburn


Patty "Kyser" Souza




Margot Kidder in an HD-TV clip from The Amityville Horror (zipped .avi). Sample captures below.

Diane Franklin in The Amityville Horror 2

Laura Albert, in Dr. Caligari.

Mimi Craven in Dog Watch.

Mischa Barton nip-slip. I have no idea whether I've seen this before. Doesn't she fall out every time she leaves the house?