Today's Images.
From Magic Man
  • Here she is folks, our first official bimbo of the day! Here's Colleen McDermott, from the movie "Access Denied"! Naturally, both of these vidcaps feature Colleen in different love scenes. I haven't seen the movie, but I'll bet it's one of those 3am Skinemax flicks. Just going by the name, I'll guess the "plot" has to do with a computer programmer who is caught in a web of deceit and betrayal, and must have lot's of sex as part of some under cover sting operation. I think that appears in Scoopy Jr's Book of Movie Cliches in chapter 4. It's plot line number 462-b.
  • Colleen McDermott from "Access Denied" #2.
  • Hot Pics
  • This little gallery I put together from a couple of e-mails that said the same thing...New Scans. Some of these may have been seen before, but they are new to me too, so hopefully no repeats. First up, a double shot of the super sexy Laetitia Casta. Thanks to Hugo for both of these images.
  • Laetitia Casta by Hugo, #2.
  • New from Helcrom, Cynthia Brimhall from "Do or Die". This may very well be the Mother of all b-movies for the 90's. I'm basing this on a few factors other than actually watching it, since I haven't. Here's why it could be the big winner...1)It's a Sidaris movie...2)The Plot Summary in the IMDb I'll let you check that out on your own, click HERE!...3)The Cast! Not only does it star several other large breasted bimbos like Pandora Peaks and Donna Spier, but this film has the rare on screen duo of Erik Estrada and Pat Morita! To quote Homer, Woo-Hoo!
  • This next Hot Pic comes from Bag Bros. These are some of the first 'caps from Pamela Anderson's new T.V. show. There was one?
  • More French Kisses from Charlie
  • As Scoop Sr mentioned yesterday, More French and European women from Charlie. We were pointed to this great site a day or to ago and as promised, we're delivering the goods to you, so you don't have to learn French. Again, as Scoop Sr. said, there are a zillion more of these vidcaps. So stay tuned all this week for this supplement gallery to Fun House. First up, Amira Casar from "Ainsi Soient-elles".
  • Agathe de la Fontaine, vidcaps from "La Nouvelle Tribu".
  • Agathe de la Fontaine, vidcaps from "La Nouvelle Tribu", #deux.
  • Arielle Dombasle, vidcaps from "Le jour et la nuit".
  • Arielle Dombasle vidcaps from "Le jour et la nuit", #deux
  • Ariana Gil, from "Malena est un nom de tango".
  • Anne Guinou, from "Les Maris, les Femmes, les Amants"
  • Alexandra Kazan, vidcaps from "Un mois de réflexion".
  • Alexandra London, from "Le cri de la soie".
  • Alexandra London, from "Le cri de la soie", # deux.
  • Alexandra London, from "Le cri de la soie", #3