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Aug 13 - Laura Desiree hosted the Entertainment segment

Aug 16 - "Meagan" auditioned. (Not my type, but opinions vary.)

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"The Good Fight"

s2e3, 1920x960

Isabella Farrell


"Femme Fatales"

Femme Fatales was a Cinemax series made in 2011 to 2012. There were two seasons and 25 episodes. Each episode was introduced by Tanit Phoenix and is a self-contained story about women. Being Cinemax, there is plenty of nudity.

These caps are from the first season and were made in 2011.

Scoop's note to members: If you want all of Oz's collages with one click, here is the .zip file

Episode 2

Anya Monzikova

Carlee Baker

Tanit Phoenix

Heart of Midnight

1988, 1080hd

Jennifer Jason Leigh film clip (capture below)


Aude Legastelois in Contromano (2018) in 1080hd

Sandi Gardiner in The Perception (2018) in 1080hd

Rita Ora in concert