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The fifth and final Maggie Gyllenhaal 1920x1080 film clip

(the .zip file is numbered #4, not #5, because there were two .mpgs in the first .zip file)

All of Aesthete's collages from this film are in Saturday's (Aug 15) edition







Blood Countess


Today we return to "Blood Countess" for another "Babe in Bondage" porn actress Sabina Barne all full frontal and stretched out as she meets a not-so-nice ending. Caps and a clip.



TV Land

Over in TV Land we have sexy Natalie Morales on the "Today" show couch. Caps and a HD clip.

Natalie is joined by Jenna Wolfe on the couch. Caps and a HD clip.


Plus Amy Brenneman shows off her new bra on an episode of "Private Practice". Caps with a HD clip.








Serveuses demandees

(aka "Waitress Wanted," 2008)

Quebec stripperplotation starring Clara Furey, who's best known as the daughter of Carole Laure (and Lewis Furey).

(4 pics) Clara Furey: topless throughout, with J-Lo size ass

(3 pics) Janaina Suaudeau: topless in last striptease

Marina Eva: tame strip tease

Jodie Lynn Resther: even tamer striptease by Quebec pop singer

Topless Strippers

Patricia Stasiak

Maita Lavoie

Marie-Line Cloutier

Luciani Pinto

Baisa Jasinski: red bra and panties

stripper: one of the Toronto strippers


Spike of Love


Very dark black comedy and Christina Cox's first movie.

(3 pics) Dyanne DiMarco: topless and many crotch shots

Christina Cox: sexy and lesbian kiss with Dyanne DiMarco

Beverly Murray: dry humping Ron Lea who has a "I need a new agent" look.








Alanna Ubach on Sunday's "Hung"

Zooey Deschanel in Gigantic

Rebecca Gayheart in the latest "sex tape" (which seems to be sans sex)

Model Erin Wasson

Naomi Campbell


Film Clips