I found this no-budget ghost story slash murder mystery totally unwatchable and disjointed, so I gave up after about three minutes and fast-forwarded to Debbie Rochon's shower scene.

Debbie is just about the only good thing in the film, not just because of the brief nudity, but also because she is the rare "B" actress who actually has the talent to be a mainstream performer, and could have been if the ball had taken a different bounce for her. 

The only other good thing about the film is the running time. The opening credits end at 2:33 and the closing credits begin at 69:48, and neither set of credits includes film footage, so entire story lasts just slightly longer than 67 minutes. So it could have been worse. Unfortunately, even at 67 minutes, with me watching most of the film at 8x speed, it still seemed longer than Lawrence of Afuckingrabia.

It's rated 2.0 at IMDb, but will drop a bit when my vote is counted.

Debbie Rochon film clip. Samples follow.


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Pinocchio's Revenge


Today we have Candace McKenzie. Now this has to be one of life's great mysteries, here's a girl who is willing to show it all and she only has three credits at IMDB. I guess she decided a film career wasn't for her.







Notes and collages

Cat People


Annette O'Toole

To be continued ...








Original Sin


Arguably the best sex scenes ever done by two major stars in the prime of their careers: Banderas and Jolie.

Film clips here. Collages follow.








This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Carole Ammoun in Un Homme Perdu








Hottest Women on Earth

Part Three of Three

You might remember a good while back I sent in a lot of collages from a strip n' wiggle disk from Mystique called Hottest Women on Earth. And I promised to send in clips one day. This would be the day. Long-ass clips, running from 3 to 5 minutes of hooties for as far as the eye can see. And one new collage for each gal - not much artistry, just a compilation of the things you can see in the clips. Each woman gets a second, much shorter clip of her in some candid moments. You actually get to hear them talk, just in case you were interested in hearing what they sound like.

Today: women 7-8

Film clips Collages
Roxanne Galla
Sunny Leone









enter the DragonScan

Two film clips from La Grande Bouffe

Monique Chaumette

Andrea Ferreol






Film Clips

Olympic gold medalist Federica Pellegrini

Film Clips