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Dan Quayle barely finished in the top 10 in the Iowa Straw Poll, but he says he's staying in the race to the bitter end. He was a little confused, though, since he thought the Iowa Straw Poll was a scarecrow named Polanski. We support him, of course, as do Jay Leno, David Letterman, and Bill Maher. Liddy Dole attributed her showing to her invisible army, and Dan attributed his to his invisible friend, Jody.
The Clintons couldn't decide on that 1.75 million dollar home. They looked at another one for 2.3 million. Actually, Hillary is ready to decide, but Bill enjoys working with women in real estate blazers, and may stay on and house-hunt for a while. For the record, the Clintons have more than 10 million dollars in debts (mostly legal bills which will be covered by fund raising), and made $503,000 last year before taxes. The mortgage, taxes and insurance on a 2.3 million dollar home will be $200,000-$300,000 per year.
From the mailbox: "here's a good project for 'capping. "Buford's Beach Bunnies". Lame cinema, but stars lovely Monique parent as Amber Dextrous, a gal who can't keep her clothes on"
From the mailbox: "I have an interesting poll your readers may like. Who has the most beautiful nipples? I have some women on the poll now,, and would like more nominees to make it interesting ...
From the mailbox, from Charlie, the French Celebs guy: "Victoria Zdrok indeed is in "The Dadahouse: the 7 spiritual laws of sex", which is a film somewhere between erotic and hardcore. It has hardcore scenes, but none performed by the main actresses. In her scene, Victoria is first quickly eaten by the guy and you see a little of her lower lips. Then she gives him a handjob for about one minute. Then they have cowgirl sex, but you can't see any penetration; Part of the scene is obviously simulated, but I think that at one point they are really making it. The guy is her current boyfriend.

The film was shot in December, when Victoria was a regular character of the web soap The Dadahouse. She had also just shot the Adam&Eve Lingerie Catalog. Adam&Eve produced the film. So one thing linking to an other, she ended in the film but I don't think she intends a X career (she's in a film with Linda Grey which has just been released)

On her very good website she shows more than in Playboy (i.e., she spreads her legs and shows her pussy) but less than a girl would show in Penthouse. In addition, on Ginger Hill's website, you can see Ginger use a dildo on Vic.

Considering Vic has a law degree (she has passed the bar in NY State), and is currently working on a psychology Ph.D., the only reason she does it is because she enjoys it (she wouldn't need to do that much to make money from internet and she doesn't advertise it!)."

An almost serious point, about golf of all things, in defense of Tiger and Duval. Let's be fair, here. Everyone got this Ryder Cup story wrong. Everyone. I didn't read one source that tried to accurately represent the players' point of view, so at least I can add some balance. There is no patriotism involved, and the story was willfully misreported throughout America, because sensationalism and jingoism sell papers and fill column space. I'm here to tell you that Tiger and Duval are right. Here's how the Ryder Cup looks to you, if you are Tiger. A whole bunch of corporate greedheads and reporters have a lot of fun in the beer tent and make a lot of money on this exhibition, although none of them have any talent or contribute anything. The reason they make all that money and have all that fun away from their wives is because you and a few other guys have talent that they can exploit. Furthermore, they've discovered the ultimate business. The only thing they have to sell is your talent, and they insist that you donate it for free. They have managed to come up with a business where the cost of sales on the product line is zero. The players create 100% of the value and get 0% of the pot. Pretty slick deal for the greedheads, eh? Then if the players ask for anything - even a token acknowledgement that the tournament is nothing without them, the greedheads manipulate the press into accusing the players of high treason, and/or writing editorials about spoiled brats making millions a year, knowing full well that the average Joe Fan can't relate to the complaints of a few "spoiled rich kids". Oh, these greedheads are good! In my day, I was a king greedhead, but I never came up with a scam as sweet as this one.

And then they get poor ol' Ben Crenshaw to lend his moral authority to a stance contrary to the players' best interest. Unfortunately, the justly respected Ben commented to the press without listening first to the players' reasoning. Tiger and Duval don't need the money. Don't you think they know that? What they want is the right to determine what happens to the money that they generate, and which does not exist without them. That is the same thing you and I want, except that their special talents generate much more money than ours. It's kind of a shame that hitting a tiny dimpled object pays about a zillion times more than educating our children, but that's just the way it is. It ain't their fault, Petunia.

For the record, the Ryder Cup used to be something of a patriotic event, in that it represented the US against Great Britain. Then, when the U.S. won about three or four hundred in a row (actually, I think it was 10 in a row, for a cumulative 19-3 lead), they decided to change all the rules, and make the United States play against all of Europe added together. This, of course, changed an obscure little rivalry thing into an international marketing event. The nationalism was gone from the event. The British cried "uncle", and the event became a pure exhibition.

I think Tiger and Duval should say "sure, we will give up all pay and all control if everyone else is willing to do the same thing. The reporters accusing us of treason must work for free that week, and pay for their own tickets, and buy their own beer. The TV coverage must be donated for free. The course we play on must do all maintenance and give up all normal revenues during that period, and get nothing in return. And the corporate greedheads will pay their advertising fees, but their commercials will not actually air. The show will be broadcast commercial-free, because it's a patriotic event, and everybody should donate their time and money for the good of their country." I think that would shut up everyone pretty fast. If I were the head of the players' group, I would not settle for a little token concession. I would insist on 100% control of all revenues, since they provide 100% of all value. Either that, or boycott the event. If the players choose to give it all to charities, or reinvest it in golf, or keep it for themselves, let them do so and live or die with the public reaction to their decision, but it's really money generated by them, so let them make the call.

  • Counting down the Maxim top 50. No nudity in today's group. #35 Cindy Crawford.
  • #34 Shania Twain
  • #33 JLH
  • #32 Amber Smith
  • #31 Shannen Doherty. Huh? Shannen Doherty ahead of these other four?
  • Graphic Response
  • Three massive new collections of Helen Mirren pictures. Mixed bag: color, B&W, scans, vidcaps ...
  • Helen Mirren #2
  • Helen Mirren #3
  • new Brigitte Lahaie collection, same format as above
  • new Anna Bergman collection (Ingmar's daughter)
  • new Pauline Lafont Collection
  • Rae Dawn Chong collection, Quest for Fire only
  • Rae Dawn Chong collection, other
  • Snowblind
  • Christina Ricci in Pecker. No nudity.
  • Martha Plimpton in pecker. Close to a bare butt.
  • Maureen Fisher topless in Pecker
  • Helcrom
  • Catalina Larranaga in "Loveblind"
  • Catalina Larranaga in "Loveblind"
  • Kim Yates in "Loveblind"
  • Kim Yates in "Loveblind"
  • Nancy O'Brien in "Loveblind"
  • Noteworthy
  • Bethany Lorraine in "Femalien 2 - the Search for Kara"
  • Paparazzi shots of UK presenter Helen Worth
  • paparazzi shots of Lene of Aqua
  • more Lene
  • Laetitia Casta collage from Zononon Zor
  • Sonja Martin in "Plaza Real" (UnderCover)
  • I'll bet you don't remember that Susan Sarandon was briefly topless in Bull Durham. I didn't, but Donbun did! Here's the brief exposure.
  • Kruger is back. He returns with a bang. Probably the most viewable cap I've seen of Salma Hayek's dark scene in Desperado