Cable Round-Up

Here's one more we missed. Laura Linney in The Big C premiere (sample below)


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The Brotherhood off the Wolf

in extreme HD


Scoop's notes:

This film looks spectacular. It has been compared to Crouching Tiger, and not without justification. It maintains a creepy atmosphere throughout. You might say it has the look and feel of a masterpiece.

So why isn't it a masterpiece?

One critic put it succinctly:

"If you see one French costume drama martial arts werewolf secret society romance this year, make sure this is it."

In other words, it's just too gimmicky. The critic above even left out one gimmick - the Mohawk Indian shaman from Quebec who is in touch with the elemental forces of nature, and can converse with the trees. These are European trees, but they were able to understand him, even though he spoke "tree" with a strong North American accent, often stressing the wrong leaf.

Oh, yeah - and the actual beast - an ugly Muppet created by Jim Henson's people - looks like a large porcupine covered with rubber bands.

But, all things considered, I have to admit that this film is the Citizen Kane of pre-revolutionary French, secret society, tree-talkin', kung-fu, giant ugly Muppet soap operas.

The Region 1 DVD in the States offers thirty five minutes of deleted scenes with director's commentary (actually, very interesting stuff, and unlike the Canadian DVD, subtitled in English). One interesting detail in the director's commentary about the deleted scenes: the shepherdess who is killed when rescuing her lamb is the same woman whose body is found earlier in the film. The director needed to postpone the attack scene until later in the film, but needed a corpse earlier, so he split the scene up, hoping that nobody would notice that it was the same woman, seemingly restored to life!

Monica Bellucci film clips (See below.)



Miscellaneous nudity film clips (See below.)




Snooki's bare ass

Tila Tequila's bare chest

Rihanna (theoretically a see-through)

Ashlie Rhey in Cannibal Tattoo

Regina Russell in Cannibal Tattoo

Jessica Simon in Cannibal Tattoo

Janie Squire in Piranha





Antje Nikola Manning's behind-the-scenes shoot. She's the chick from Angels with Dirty Wings.

(samples below)

Carey Mulligan in The Greatest (sample below)

Carla Quevedo in El Secreto de Sus Ojos (samples below)

Chloe Sevigny and Carisa Glucksman in Gummo (sample below)

Elena Anaya in Hierro (samples below)

Goldie Hawn in The Banger Sisters (sample below)

Jennifer Connelly in Inventing the Abbotts (sample below)

Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Truth about Love (sample below)

Lisa Henni in Snabba Cash (samples below)

Magdalena Boczarska in Rozyczka (sample below)

Rebecca Liljeberg in Bear's Kiss (samples below)

Parker Posey in Happy Tears

Stine Fischer Christensen and Neel Ronholt in After the Wedding

various women in Sorority House Massacre 2