Sunday cable wrap-up

Entourage - no nudity

Hung - quite a bit. Tom Jane showed his butt and his pubic hair. You don't care about that. On the female side, Natalie Zea didn't show much this week,  but Alanna Ubach really made up for it by doing a crazy-ass love scene with T.J.

True Blood - Anna Paquin showed her breasts again, this time in a dream sequence that lasts three minutes.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.









Part 3 of ?

The fourth Maggie Gyllenhaal 1920x1080 film clip

(the .zip file is numbered #3, not #3, because there were two .mpgs in the first .zip file)

All of Aesthete's collages from this film are in Saturday's (Aug 15) edition







Blood Countess


Today we have a "Babe in Bondage" day with "Blood Countess," a Czechsploitation flick. Dominika Jandlova shows it all as she is smeared with honey and left in the woods. Caps and a clip, which is not in English.



TV Land

Over in TV Land Natalie Morales is looking hot and leggy on the "Today" Show. Caps and an HD clip.








Seems Patricia Stasiak is still acting. Three new acting credits have surfaced recently including the exploitation "Sweet Karma," also starring Talia Russo.


Who Is KK Downey?


Canadian low budget comedy. No (female) nudity unless you go to the deleted scenes section on the DVD.

Holly O'Brien: topless in deleted scenes

Claire Brosseau: brassiere as groupie from hell

Kristin Adams: sexy

Pilar Cazares: very tight tube dress

Patricia Stasiak: cleavage. Her role only lasted a few seconds so she had no time to take off her clothes.


Don't Cry Now

(2007 TV movie)

From the my-best-friend-is-sleeping-with-my-husband week on the wimmin's network.

Chantal Perron: side boob


"Detroit Rock City"


The full-frame "open matte" version that airs on cable has twice as much picture area than the widescreen theatrical release available on DVD. Usually this extra picture area is considered dead space not intended by the director but sometimes can show more skin sometimes what's not allowed  in an actress' nudity clause. See  for some examples A good reason not to throw away your video casette collection in favor of Blu-ray/DVDs.

Natasha Lyonne: a lot more leg

Christina Sicoli: upskirt, sitting on toilet

Kristin Booth: bra-less pokies

Lindy Booth: very sexy

Shannon Tweed: brassiere

Melanie Lynskey: brassiere

Cindy Fidler: stuntbabe's boobs almost popping out. The last row is the widescreen "non-matte" version.

various: topless




Kate Mara: starts out bra-less in t-shirt


"Side Effects"

(1995-1996) season 2

Guylaine St-Onge: partial boob getting breast exam.

Melissa DiMarco: mega cleavage and pantyhose crotch shot from very early in her career.

Janne Mortil: brassiere playing doctor and later showing off boob tattoo.



(2006 short)

Katrin Bowen: partial boob in this self-directed short.




Jamie Ferenczi topless from deep within the archives.







The Principles of Lust


This is a do-over from Mr. Moronic







Emma de Caunes

Heather Graham

Sarah Marshall


Film Clips

Iben Hjele in Nude (that's the name of the film)

Sybille Rauch again, this time in Drei Lederhosen in St Tropez

Vanessa James and Haley Shannon in Dark Rising (Collages below. Shannon is in the collage on the left.)