Film clips: Connelly Mania, Part 2 of 3:

  • All of Jen's nudity from Inventing the Abbots. Two different short scenes, running consecutively. (Movie House Review - we found it to be a soap opera, competently made, but with a story of no special merit) ...  (Zipped .wmv).
  • All of Jen's nudity - basically four separate parts of the film - from Mulholland Falls. (Movie House Review  - we both like this movie, a Chinatown wannabe. How can you not like a film that gets Connelly naked in the opening credits?). It starts with a very hot but brief B&W scene which is shown in two parts. She's with Malkovich in that scene. The third part is her scene with Nolte as remembered in his dreams,  in soft-focus, sepia tone, and only a brief nipple-peek. The final part is B&W again, as Nolte grabs Connelly's massive chest from behind. ... (Zipped .wmv)

Tomorrow  - the last three films with Connelly nudity.



Dancing at the Blue Iguana (2000)

Michael Radford is a director who is always trying out something new. He has helmed The Merchant of Venice, Il Postino, B. Monkey, 1984, Delta of Venus ... and Dancing at the Blue Iguana, which is a mostly improvisational slice-of-life movie about a short period in the life of a strip club.

I like many of those films, but if there is a common thread among them, I'm still trying to find it.

I kinda-sorta liked what he accomplished in this one. (Movie House Review) It's too long and too rambling, as improvs are wont to be, but it had some effective moments.

The film has one undeniable positive: hall of fame nudity levels from famous and beautiful women, especially gorgeous Charlotte Ayanna. Here are the zipped avis.




It's August 17th and .... you're on notice.

Today's notes:

  • When will the U.N. step in and put a halt to the brutal supermodel war? If not checked, it must eventually put the world on the path to WW3, while destroying humanity's greatest natural resource, our precious supermodels, in the process. And why won't George Bush ease the pressure by releasing part of America's strategic model reserve? He's obviously owned by the powerful runway-builders union, which benefits from the destruction.
  • Lucky whale vomit. For one little girl, a vacation to remember. For Alaska, the greatest-ever name for a scratch-off game.
  • If ever there was a reason to shut down the federal grand jury system, it is this: they indicted a country singer for being a good American and a good Christian. The constitution does not guarantee us the right to "cat weapons" or "dog ordnance," but specifically gives us the right to "bear arms." Why would the founding fathers have done that if they did not want us to hunt down and slaughter the godless killing machines in our midst. Tame bear, my ass. "Tame" bears are just working undercover.
  • Macacas. I misjudged George Allen. I figured he was just another dumb bohunk politico, but it turns out he's a genius. Most people would insult an Indian guy by calling him a gunga din, curry muncher, slurpee jockey, towelhead, nerka derka, swami, sultan, or untouchable, but not Allen. He chooses to insult the guy by calling him a name normally used only for Moroccans who emigrated to Belgium. Then he disguises it still further by adding an extra syllable! That's an insult James Joyce would have labored on for two years, burning the midnight candle in library after library, and Allen just spits it out as an ad-lib! My hat is off to the guy. He must have an IQ in the thousands.
YouTube co-founder Steve Chen hopes that within 18 months the site will have "every music video ever created"

A gallery of unusual Chinese robots
  • I bought a Chinese robot, but I was disappointed. An hour later I wanted another robot.

Colbert: Mike Wallace is the modern Hitler!

Colbert Report: All You Need to Know: Part 2. How to use a condom.

Colbert Report: All You Need to Know

Colbert Report: You are either for the Iraq War or you hate America. There is no gray area there.

Greg Giraldo roasts Bill Shatner

The latest update on Hungary's Stephen Colbert bridge

"Daily Show: Bakkedahl - Hustle and Cash Flow"
  • Dan Bakkedahl investigates how a new tax law just made it harder for a pimp.

Part 2 of the Pimp Tax, including an interview with a very well-dressed pimp.

Jon Stewart interviews Samuel L Jackson ... Samuel L Jackson interview, Part 2

Nebraska Man Arrested for 226th Time

President Celebrates Government's Ultra-Constitutional Purchase of Gargantuan Monument to Christ's Murder by Jews (WHITEHOUSE.ORG)

"Colorado investigators today announced the arrest of a man in the 1996 slaying of JonBenet Ramsey." ... and they had to go to Bangkok to arrest him!

Surreal: The Simpsons in 3-D in Spanish

Pinata at the Mall
  • "One of the best pranks yet, they set these people up and then run away leaving them swinging in the middle of the mall!"

Entertainment Weekly's extended interview with Borat! (Hilarious, as always.)

The Descent, as reviewed by The Filthy Critic

Photo Fraud in Lebanon

For his next trick, David Copperfield will make death disappear
  • WTF?? I've always found him entertaining, but this crap is shameless!

"College Student Arrested in McDonald's Attack Over Who Was Next in Line"

Eight clips from Idlewild, OutKast's new musical.

"Country star accused of illegally killing a tame bear"

Woman sues weather forecasters

Fans sink their fangs into "Snakes on a Plane"
  • Samuel L is expected to kick some asp

FAA Bans People From Flights ... 'Zero Tolerance for People,' Chertoff Says

Colbert Report: For Shame, John Bolton!
  • Total disaster. We are no longer on the road to World War III.

Colbert protests changing the name of freedom fries back to "French" fries

"Stephen Colbert explains why he is sending a case of 'Why Do You Hate Our Troops?' ketchup to Congress' cafeterias."

Colbert Report: Stephen's Sound Advice: Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft, pt. 1, and pt. 2

The Daily Show's Rob Corddry reports on the cease-fire

The Daily Show looks back at "ten fucking years" of photoshopped retail outlets.

The Daily Show looks back on "ten fucking years" of non-existent books!

You can now forget all the other pitchers in baseball because ... We're past the all-star break - it's Santana time.



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Angel Guts: Nami (1979)

Angel Guts: Nami (1979) is the third installment of the Nikkatsu Corporation's Angel Guts series based on the Manga of Takashi Ishii. Ishii again wrote the screenplay for this one

This is the first time in the series that the story revolves completely around the character of Nami, played this time by Eri Kanuma. Nami is a feature writer for a popular woman's magazine, and is doing a series on the aftermath of rape on victims. Not only is the public response positive, but her editors are impressed, as she interviews one rape victim after another. The only people not in love with the idea are the victims and Nami herself, who is beginning to be creeped out by the whole thing. However, her job makes her a very lucky, financially independent woman, not at all common in 1979 Japan, where most women lived at home until they married. As is usual in these films, the recurring characters of Nami and Tetsuro form a relationship and try to reach some sort of redemption. 

In the UK, these films had severe censorship problems due to the mix of sex and violence. Japanese censors have a completely different take on it, forbidding pubic hair and genitals, but permitting the graphic portrayal of any extreme combination of sex and violence. We see more rapes in this film than any other in the series, one of which includes an autopsy-like incision in a nurses stomach, as her rapist/doctor wants to "see her guts." This sounds very bizarre to the Western ear, but they ascribe to the guts what we ascribe to the heart. In Japanese figurative speech, all emotion and feelings are in the guts.

Reviewers see this plot as one of the easiest to follow in the series, and some of the imagery this time is lovely. It was directed by Noboru Tanaka, who started as a French major, and discovered that he liked writing poetry more than prose, because he could create many mental images from a few well chosen words. It then occurred to him that cinema would work the same way, but with pictures.

While I didn't like this one as much as Red Vertigo or Red Classroom, it is still a solid C.

IMDb readers say 6.5, but based on only 20 votes.


Eri Kanuma shows breasts and buns.
Miyako Yamaguchi, as a stripper/rape victim, shows breasts and buns, and performs an S&M stage act.
Kyôko Aoyama, as the nurse, shows breasts and buns
Two unknown rape victims show breasts and buns,










Just a few clips with a theme -- Hefmates of the silver screen. 

Petra Verkaik (zipped .avi) and Suzi Simpson (zipped .avi) gave up top goodies in the silly-assed Speedway.

Of much earlier vintage is a clip of Veronica Gamba (four .avis zipped together) in Smokey and the Bandit III.  Her flash of bum in the first clip is so short I slowed down things for the second.  In the others she gives up flashes of hooties.







First there was "Busty Cops."  Now there's "Busty Cops 2." 

And coming soon..."Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade." 

This is a project which will stretch over several days. Today's babe is Angela Little.

First Angela Little alone ...

... and then with the ubiquitous Hannah Harper, who seems to work her way into every twosome





Jesse Capelli- in Perfect Opposites

Eva Habermann- an episode of Rotlicht

Natasha Henstridge in Bela Donna.

RokWatch writes of Holly Marie Combs: "Of all the 'Charmed' sisters, I paid the least attention to Ms. Combs since she dressed and behaved the most politely. Little did I know that beneath her clothes her breasts were so amazing. "

Natassia Malthe in an episode of The Dead Zone

Left: a paparazzo catches Michelle Williams topless. Right: Williams and Heath Ledger spot the cameraman and react.



Pat's comments in yellow...

Carlos Vazquez of LaVista, Nebraska, was wanted on felony shooting charges and was hiding at his girlfriend's apartment when she tried to call Domino's for pizza.  But their number begins with 9-9-1, and she mistakenly dialed 9-1-1.  Realizing she'd called the police, she hung up.  When the cops found nobody on the line, they rushed to the address to investigate.  They recognized her as Vazquez's girlfriend, found him hiding behind a stereo speaker, and arrested him.

*  The good news: that night, the jail was serving pizza.

Two supermodels are battling over which one is "The Body."  In a new Victoria's Secret bra commercial, Heidi Klum says, "They call me 'The Body.' and now I have a bra named after me."  But Elle MacPherson, who
has her own lingerie line, went ballistic.  Her spokeswoman says they have
magazine clippings calling Elle "The Body," going back 20 years.  But a
Victoria's Secret rep said they have 10 years of clippings calling Heidi
"The Body," adding, "There was 'The Body' before Elle and there will be one
after Heidi.  Brigitte Bardot, Ursula Andress and Gisele Bundchen come to

*  Not to mention Jesse Ventura. 

*  There's only one way to settle this: mud-wrestling match!