"Stir of Echoes" (1999)

Stir of Echoes (1999) stars Kevin Bacon as a blue collar family man with a wife (Kathryn Erbe), a 5 year old son and a baby on the way. His "new age" sister-in-law hypnotizes him at a party, and plants a post-hypnotic suggestion that he open his mind to everything. He starts seeing the same things that his son has been seeing all along. What unfolds is probably best called a supernatural thriller. It was fairly well-received by the critics, but faired less-well with IMDB users. Some loved it, and others didn't see anything to recommend it. I am in the second group. For me, the plot was predictable, and not at all startling. Whenever I disagree strongly with the critics, I try to figure out why. I think, in this case, it is because I don't find the idea of hypnosis at all unusual, nor does contact with spirits of the dead upset me. For me, there was nothing frightening in this picture. Clues were given from the beginning about where the plot was going, so predicting the next development was not at all hard.

Acting was fine, the photography was dark, to set the mood, but was interesting. There was nothing really wrong with the pace. In fact, this is not a badly made film, but for me, it was about as exciting and suspenseful as watching dust accumulate on the furniture. The exposure is from Kathryn Erbe in two places. In the first, she is making love with Bacon, and her robe keeps separating and giving glimpses of her breasts. In the second, she is getting ready for her bath, and the ghost is sitting on the tub, although she can't see it. Note that we don't see her face in the bath scene at all, but this could have been to avoid full frontal. I have no opinion as to whether this bath scene is a double or not.


Kathryn Erbe (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Jr. here....Normally TomCat does up some raw images and Johnny Web puts them together into some nice collages for us. Well, ol' JW is out for a few days, so in his place I've picked out a few of TomCat's raw 'caps cleaned them up a bit, and here ya go. Please do not judge the cleanup work...I'm no where near as good as JW when it comes to that stuff. Just enjoy the 'caps. And while I'm at it...I think I might just help out with the reviews...provided I can break away from the never ending coverage of my fellow Los Angelinos being nutty and protesting at the Democratic National convention.

....On that note, my favorite highlight today was just after they cleared out the crowd. The "protestors" gathered in front of the Staples center today to protest Police Brutality. In the after math, after the police were very non-brutal with their crowd control, one of the local news guys grabbed two dudes from the gathering for an interview. Trust me, they were dudes!

So...our local Ed Morrow on the streets in his quest for truth asks the two dudes if they were members of a specific organization, and if so, how many of that organization were in attendance. Dude #1 replies...'I've been a supporter of environmental rights for more than 20 years'
Dude #2 replies...'I've also been an activist for environmental rights, but mostly I support the legalization of medical marijuana.'
So Ed reminds them that the protest is against police brutality. To which one of the dudes replied 'I'm not afraid of getting arrested.'

More proof that weed can be fun once in a while...but if you smoke it too much you turn into a mostly brain dead, sandal wearing, non-specific activist dude.

The Anne Heche Collection

Images today from:
"Six Days Seven Nights" (aka "Let Ford fly his own plane, and put Heche in a wet t-shirt for 2 hours").

"Psycho" (aka "Let's make a remake so much like the original that no one will want to watch it because everyone has already seen the original and there's simply no point in spending the money other than to put two of the hottest Hollywood celebs in the same movie because that will sell tickets")

"The Juror" (aka "Let's take the book of the month, 'adapt it for the screen' -doesn't really matter if it's Martha Stewart's favorite recipes or a psychological thriller- put big name stars it it and badda-boom, it's a big budget feature")

Six Days (1, 2, 3) Psycho (1, 2) The Juror)

Kathleen Kinmont

In comparison with most of Lorenzo Lamas's other ex-wives, she's hardly shown any nudity on camera at all. (either still, or film). Here she is topless in these relatively rare 'caps from "The Art of Dying". Kinmont (1, 2)

Julie Gayet

Nice topless images from the movie "Les Menteurs" (1, 2, 3)

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

Sister of supermodel Carla Bruni. I liked all of the raw 'caps that TomCat sent over, so I figured why not post 'em all. Even though they are from the same scene from "Les Menteurs", there is enough difference between them to not be a frame by frame account. Honestly I threw them all in simply because I really like her breasts. Valeria (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

WhyScan's Page Three Report
If Page Three is unfamiliar to you, this link describes the Page Three tradition.
Today's Page 3 girl....Leilani, 20, from Bournemouth. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Bonus Pics
The ladies of Precious from FHM (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

The ladies of Steps from FHM (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Geri Halliwell
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
The Spice formerly known as Ginger. Here are paparazzi pics of Geri at the beach. Bikini exposure only, but #1 is a very interesting image.
Victoria Adams or Beckham or Posh Spice
(1, 2, 3)
More images of her on stage nip slip. #3 is a super close up.
Elle Macpherson
(1, 2)
More paparazzi pics...#1 features Elle adjusting her thong.
Faith Hill Comments by PMS:
This one came as a folded up poster in the CD. I tried hard to clean it up, so I hope you won't mind the mess I made of it. I take my hat off to all you other guys out there that clean things up so beautifully. I knew it would be hard, but not that hard!
Ursula Andress
(1, 2)
Very nice topless images from 1978's "La Montagna del Dio cannibale" a.k.a. "The Mountain of the Cannibal Gods". #2 features Ursula being prepared in a seasoned butter sauce.
Lisa Barbuscia This one was posted a few days ago, and as we finally figured actually is Lisa Barbuscia, and not Lisa Bonet. UC99 extends his thanks to everyone who helped solve the riddle. For the collectors, he renamed this file with all of the appropriate names.

Bonus info from Sleuth...
"Lisa B" {as she's usually known}--real name, Lisa Barbuscia--an American born babe who's fairly famous in England as a pop singer. She also used to boff Mick Jagger {but then, who hasn't?}. She shows up in the "Jet Set" columns in Europe all the time. Used to be a fashion model in the Eighties.

Shannon Tweed Topless (of course) 'caps from "Night Fire", by Don Bun. Don mentioned in his email how surprised he was at the poor quality of the DVD transfer.
Anna Thompson
(1, 2)
Topless vidcaps from "Six Ways to Sunday". I've never been a fan of her looks, her voice, or her acting abilities...but she does have big boobs, so I guess that earns her partial credit.
Julia Roberts A full metric ton of cleavage from "Erin Brockovich". 'Caps by Dann.
Posh Spice Another look at the nip slip. From the reaction, I'm guessing this is pretty big news across the pond. Over here in the states...the Fun House is the only place I've seen it mentioned. Over here...we're all about Christina, and N Sync. We can't waste time on that old stuff! I mean that's like sooooo 1997.

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