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Meet Bill


From the Mailbox:

"There are some good lingerie shots of Elizabeth Banks in the movie "Meet Bill," which I think just came out on DVD this week (I just got it from Netflix and watched it tonight). There's also some other girl in a bra, and at one point Jessica Alba grabs said girl's breasts (still in bra). So, a movie worth capping, seems to me."

OK. We aim to please.

Bill is unhappily married to Elizabeth Banks, and working at her daddy's bank in a made-up vice president position. He is profoundly unhappy, and physically going to pot as his escape is candy bars. He dreams of opening up a donut franchise, but his wife's signature would be required. Then he gets a tip that his wife is boffing the local news reporter, and catches her on tape. At the same time, he is forced into mentoring a precocious young man at his old prep school. The young man, with the help of a salesclerk friend (Jessica Alba) take him on as a project. He attacks the reporter and ends up in jail and with a restraining order. Now living in a tent behind his brother's house, where his brother lives with his gay lover, he must put his life back together.

While this was not my favorite comedy of all time, it tackled the same themes as American Beauty, but, for me, did a far better job. There are worse ways to pass an evening.

IMDb readers like it to the tune of 6.6.

Elizabeth Banks

Sarah Howard


La Alba








Showdown in Little Tokyo


Renee Griffin gets her top torn off by some really nasty-looking guy, exposing her breasts. She then has her head cut off ... we spared you that. If you really need to see it then look for the film clips in the archives.






Then for no reason other than I think she is hot we have Jennifer O'Dell in Slayer, showing off her new bra and some cleavage.








Notes and collages

I now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry


Jessica Biel









After Sex


Brigitte Rouan film clips








This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Brigitte Fossey in Le Chant du Depart








Hottest Women on Earth

Part One

You might remember a good while back I sent in a lot of collages from a strip n' wiggle disk from Mystique called Hottest Women on Earth. And I promised to send in clips one day. This would be the day. Long-ass clips, running from 3 to 5 minutes of hooties for as far as the eye can see. And one new collage for each gal - not much artistry, just a compilation of the things you can see in the clips. Each woman gets a second, much shorter clip of her in some candid moments. You actually get to hear them talk, just in case you were interested in hearing what they sound like.

Today: the first three women











One second can change your life forever, as this drama painfully shows.

A man with a growing business and a loving son and fiancée loses it all when, to defend his family, he accidentally kills a burglar who broke into their house in the dead of night. The mistake he made was living in California, where because he chased the guy outside before killing him, he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Had he killed him inside the house, nothing would have happened. Losing everything, and totally unprepared for the life he must now lead, he is sent to a maximum security facility where the guards are worse than the inmates, who aren't much of a treat either.

This is an excellent story, with outstanding performances by Stephen Dorff as the luckless guy, and Val Kilmer as a lifer who befriends him. And it's realistic; many states have the same type of "you must retreat" laws where you must try to escape before defending yourself, while others such as Florida have passed "you do not have to retreat" laws saying that if threatened, any action you take including chasing and killing the bad guy is self defense. This movie is a must-see.

Marisol Nichols








Another Olympian: Swedish archer Sara Boberg

Three rounds of celebrity booty:

Like her or not, Jennifer Aniston is never out of shape

Cameron Diaz shows off a very toned booty

And Anna Kournikova shows off a bod with about 0% body fat.


Film Clips


Two film clips made behind the scenes during the photography for Madonna's famous "Sex" book. You REALLY old timers - if you have been here from Day 1 that is - know that the hitchhiking Madonna was the very first picture ever to appear in Uncle Scoopy's Fun House. (It was the only image in the very first edition back in November of 1995!)


Mr Skin has done a good job at ferreting out the earliest nudity from Jane Fonda - dating way back to the "code" days, even before there was any significant Vietnam War for her to protest. These two films were each released in 1964.
Jane Fonda in Joy House (sample right)
Jane Fonda in La Ronde (samples right)