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Sexual Surrender


Sexual Surrender (2003) is best described as a softcore romantic comedy, heavy on the comedy, although you could also make a case for it being a sexy satire of corporate dirty dealings. Our hero is living with the oversexed daughter of his boss. He has been summoned to a board meeting for the first time, where he finds that he is being given the rare honor of providing illegal assistance in the company's hostile takeover of a lingerie business. He also suddenly gets more ass than a crosstown bus, and his past catches up with him with hilarious results.

The film had some budget-related liabilities. Jacques Freydont, as the ruthless corporate head, flubbed several lines. Evidently there was no budget for second takes, or possibly he was not capable of line delivery. Fortunately, he is the antagonist, and we are supposed to dislike him anyway. His incompetence is offset by winning performances from Angela Davies and Ann Marie. Either actress is good enough for mainstream B movies, and maybe even more. I especially enjoyed the humor in the subplot involving Angela Davies.

The film also features an amazing amount of nudity, some of it in creative positions and/or locations, so the sex scenes hold interest. This film has 3 pairs of enormous breasts, one shaved pussy, a lesbian scene, and fetish attire. Ann Marie, Simone and T.J. Hart show breasts. Mandy Fisher and Angela Davies do full frontal and rear nudity. Brooke Hunter does shaved full frontal and rear nudity.

Take away the plot and the humor, and the sex and nudity alone make it watchable. Take away the bulk of the nudity, and the script would remain entertaining.  You can't ask much more from a couples softcore film, so this is a C+ on our scale. Top o' the line for a genre film.

IMDb does not list it.

This is only available from on a dual region (1 and 4) English language DVD with Spanish subtitles.

Sexual Surrender




Angela Davies


Ann Marie


Brooke Hunter


Mandy Fisher




TJ Hart







Today a double feature from the horror realm.



Natalia Bellami, playing a hooker, getting a spanking with her tits peeking out of her blouse, then topless as she slaps the guy around. The last 2 caps are a little bloody as the "Shapeshifter" has the John for lunch and sprays his blood all over Natalia.



Sorority House Massacre

Then the Time Machine goes back to 1986. Not much nudity here.

Nicole Rio, Wendy Martel & Pamela Ross (from left to right), trying on clothes. Wendy & Pamela show tits.



Then Nicole Rio shows the boobs as she is attacked in a tent.






Notes and collages

Short Cuts - Part 5

Still more bright orange beaver from Julianne Moore








Camp Blood : The Musical

Fun independent horror movie. It follows your typical Horror plotline, where a group of teenagers go to a Camp and a masked man starts killing them one by one, but with songs. For being a movie done with little money is not bad at all, wish they make a movie like this one with more money.


Emma Manion and Ashley Hanna










The Fine Art of Love


Emily Pinn


Mary Nighy


Hanna Taylor Gordon


Nighy and Gordon







Exterminating Angels

Director Jean-Claude Brisseau says this 2006 French fantasy/drama is not porn, but rather a thoughtful erotic drama that examines attitudes towards sexuality. I don't disagree, but a lot of folks will feel that explicit scenes of actresses masturbating themselves and one another make it porn. Whatever you think, you'll undoubtedly agree that this is a totally weird movie, and very, very hot.

A forty-something film director is shooting an erotic scene where a young actress must masturbate, but when he holds a screen test, he discovers that the actress seems to enjoy breaking the taboo of masturbating in front of a camera, so he decides to do a film examining breaking taboos and human sexuality, and holds a series of screen tests.

The director and actresses are spurred on by invisible Exterminating Angels, and I confess I have absolutely no idea where they came from or exactly what they are, let alone why they are there. The film never explains them, except to make obvious that their intent is to cause the director to self-destruct.

As the tests progress, he has no problem finding young women to perform, but with the unforeseen consequence that the women all fall in love with him, even though he never touches them. This then leads to the inevitable bad behavior by the women that such a situation can cause. And of course, all this is being orchestrated by the invisible angels.

OK, so none of this makes a great deal of sense, but the film is crafted in a very precise and non-sleazy manner even with the explicit scenes, so it's a far cut above the typical B-movie soft-porn that we are used to. Maybe too far above to make much sense, but at the end of the day, it's hot as hell.

Appoline Louis

Lise Bellenyk Marine Danaux
Marie Allan Maroussia Dubreuil various











The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

A woman in Laohekou, China, was at the bank when her dog pooped on the floor, so she picked it up in a newspaper and carried it outside.  Before she could get to the trash can, a motorcycle roared past her, a man on the back grabbed the bundle from her hands, and the thieves sped off with a stolen package of dog poo. 

*  When they saw what it was, they just put it into some food to export to America.

Closer magazine claims that Madonna startled fellow passengers on a recent flight from New York to London by taking out a syringe and injecting B-vitamins into her arm. Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears are also reported to be injecting vitamins.  A British nutrition expert called it a dangerous and extreme fad that can lead to vitamin overdoses and potentially lethal health problems, including liver damage, blurred vision, nausea, weight loss and irritability.

*  Lindsay Lohan has all those symptoms, but I don't think it's caused by shooting up vitamins.