"Chopping Mall"

Chopping Mall (1986) is an early effort from Jim Wynorski. It is a teen slasher film. A large mall has installed robots for after hours security. Kids who work in the mall decide to have a party in a furniture store after closing (mostly because of all the beds). Lightning strikes, and the robots run amuck. Everyone who had sex is brutally murdered by the relentless robots, who always say, "Thank you, have a nice day" after they do someone in.

We have breast exposure from Suzzie Slater and Barbara Crampton. Mary Woronov appeared briefly in the prologue of the film. IMDb readers have it at 4.1 of 10. It is not as bad as the plot summary suggests. The robots really were menacing, the girls all screamed well, and they made good use of the shops in the mall, such as a pet store, a paint store, and sporting goods store. The CGI generated robot weapon effects were pretty weak by todays standards. This is a C. It is exactly what is expected of a teen slasher film.

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    • Identical twins may suck when it comes to plot points, but they work out just right for nude scenes! Here are the Collinsons in The Love Machine ( .avi- zip) (.wmv - zip).

    • The voice, the face, the body - I don't know if she's the sexiest woman in film history, but she can't be far from the top. Kim Basinger - Final Analysis - 'nuff said. ( .avi- zip) (.wmv - zip).

    • Jennifer Connelly - maybe not the sexiest, but possibly the most completely beautiful. The House of Sand and Fog. ( .avi- zip) (.wmv - zip).


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    The New Outer Limits Season 1 & 2

    Five DVD set containing 20 season 1 & 2 episodes distributed in Canada. However, 44 episodes aired in total for those two seasons and if you do the math, 24 of them are missing such as the all time classic "Caught in the Act" aka "Alyssa Milano Shows Us Her Tits on Prime Time".

    Another thing is they're the syndicated episodes which means they're edited for the regular television market so all nudity is removed for government regulation requirements. But still the DVD quality is crystal clear which makes more of the sexy scenes cap-able.

    Crimson Ghost
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    Today the Ghost goes nutty 'capping just about every inch of busty B-movie legened Michelle Bauer as she gets it on in scenes from "Naked Instinct" (1993). Bauer has had one of the longest and busiest careers of all the B-babes. This former Pet (July '81) made over 100 moives between 1981 and 2002 (not counting a few early porns and assorted Skinemax guest appearances). She has slowed down some lately, but I'm guessing she's not exactly retired just yet.

    Angelina Jolie
    (1, 2)

    Coming to DVD tomorrow! Jolie topless as she gets it on with Ethan Hawke in scenes from "Taking Lives".

    Beau Garrett Great 'caps by DAI of Garrett baring her bum in scenes from last night's episode of the made for HBO series "Entourage".

    Charlotte Ayanna More from "Entourage" is the "Dancing at the Blue Iguana" star baring a bit of bum during her guest appearance.

    Jolene Blalock Normally we avoid pics from magazines, but I'm hoping if I do this right it will all be ok. So here it goes....
    Hey Trek fans! GO BUY THIS MAGAZINE!
    Here is Blalock busting out all over the cover of the latest issue of Stuff.

    Sophie Marceau
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Christiane Jean
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Monsieur Skin 'caps of both ladies baring all 3 B's in scenes from the French movie "L'Amour braque" (1985).