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"Game of Thrones"


season four


Josephine Gillan

Josephine Gillan and Kristen Gillespie

Continuing with the films of the 70s ...

Goin' South

Mary Steenburgen is very sexy when she is shown in wet underwear in Goin' South (1978). There’s some see-through nipple.


P. J. Soles

and Sandy Johnson are topless in Halloween (1978).

Nancy Kyes gets down to her underwear

and Jamie Lee Curtis looks good.


Piranha (1978) has Janie Squire

and an unidentified swimmer topless,

and Melody Thomas Scott is in a bikini.


Valerie Perrine is very sexy in Superman (1978)

and there are some bonuses in the Blu-ray disk extras.

TV/Film clips

Anais Demoustier in All About Them (2015) in 720p

Aria London in Vice (2015) in 720p

Vintage clips: first nudity

Taraji Henson's only nudity in Baby Boy (2001).

Although Taraji did no other nudity, she wore a very flimsy tee in No Good Deed

Carla Gugino (also seen: Anna Levine, Rya Kihlstedt) in Jaded (1998). She was bustier, plumper, and not as attractive as she would later become.



Marisa Tomei in Untamed Heart (1993) in 720p. This was her first topless scene, sorta. It was not included in the original theatrical release, but is now available on the disc versions.

Emmanuelle Beart's nude career began almost thirty years ago with full body nudity in Manon of the Spring (1986; 1080hd). She is still doing nude scenes.

Daria Halprin in Zabriskie Point (1970). Her entire film career spanned just two abysmal movies, although this particular waste of time was directed by Antonioni, who is respected by many people. (I am not in that group, as you have undoubtedly guessed.) Daria had no gift for acting and never appeared in a film after 1972, but she's still around on the remote fringes of the art world. She paints in the primitivist style, if you want to call her work painting. In reality, she makes George W Bush look like Michelangelo. She also claims to use "movement-based arts as a healing medicine and transformative path." I didn't make that shit up. It's a real quote from her website: