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Lubna Azabel appeared topless in episode seven of The Honourable Woman

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"The Girls Guide to Depravity"

  (season two)


today: the first part of episode five

Chasty Ballesteros

Tessa Harnetiaux

Susannah Allman

Bond, James Bond

This Tuesday, August 12th, marked the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Ian Fleming. Although he did a number of things in his life, he is best known for a dozen novels and two collections of short stories all based on the character James Bond. So I felt it is fitting that I do some caps of the James Bond movies. Originally, they tried to make one a year but the scale of the movies soon meant that the time between movies had to be increased.

There is very little nudity, with just the occasional nipple poking out and the occasional bare backside. However, the women are beautiful.

Today: two more Connery classics, including Scoop's favorite, Goldfinger.


Honor Blackman is the perky one in Goldfinger (1964)

but there are some other lovely women:

Mai Ling

Margaret Nolan

Nadja Regin

Shirley Eaton

Tania Mallett

Tricia Muller

Some bikini-clad women around the pool

Some lovely pilots, three of whom are identified


Thunderball (1965) doesn’t disappoint with:

Claudine Auger

Luciana Paluzzi

Martine Beswick again

Molly Peters

Lots not identified



Maricel Alvarez film clip

Film and TV Clips

Caroline Guerra in Gallows Hill (2014) in 720p

Catherine Bell's famous scene in Hotline (s3e3) - 1280x960

The Nanny - Fran Drescher's nudity in Cadillac Man (1990) in 1080p

Lori Petty, also in Cadillac Man, but not providing any nudity


Eva Green in Sin City

Chelsea Handler pics she loaded on Instagram