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"Big Love"

The show was on the air for several years, but the nudity was infrequent and sporadic.


Season One, Episode Nine

Chloe Sevigny

La Herencia Valdemar


Johnny's comments:

La Herencia Valdemar is a supernatural thriller that takes place over two time period. In the here and now, Luisa (Silvia Abascal) is asked to value a long deserted house previously owned by the Valdemar family. Once there, she discovers a dead body and some creature who goes after her, where she is saved by the groundskeeper, but that's only the start of her problems as she then driven to an undisclosed location. Meanwhile, a detective (Óscar Jaenada) is hired to find Luisa and he get the help of an expert in the Valdemar family Dr. Cerviá (Ana Risueño). She tells him the story of the Valdemar family consisting of husband and wife Lázaro (Daniele Liotti) and Leonor (Laia Marull) who are a childless couple who look after orphaned children. They fund this by running a séance scam, which is found out by a unscrupulous journalist who asks for a bribe or he'll write an article to out them as scammers. Lázaro refuses to be bribed, leading to his arrest. Meanwhile, a well-heeled man Aleister Crowley (Paco Maestre) has plans of his own for Lázaro and helps get him out of prison by setting up the journalist. Crowley wants Lázaro to perform a séance involving some of the greatest minds and figures of the time (including Bram Stoker and Lizzy Borden) that can make all their dreams come true, but it goes horribly wrong.

Playing very much like part 1 of mini-series (it turns out there's a second movie), once the plot goes to the story of the Valdemar's, the original plot goes completely out the window and the movie plays like two stories running against each other. And I don't think you can get the whole experience without watching part 2 as something seems to be missing and things aren't resolved at all. Now I need to watch part 2...

Sadly, this copy that I have is very dark, but I did what I could and it's OK I s'pose.

Laia Marull film clips  (collages below)


Laia Marull captures (zip file)

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TV/Film clips

Aurelia Petit in Le temps de l'aventure (2013)

Emmanuelle Devos, also in Le temps de l'aventure

Danika Galindo, Jade Bryce and Marylyn Brooks in Slink (2013)


Heather Roop, Angel McCord and Cora Benesh in The Sacred (2012)
(no sample images, but it's good nudity)

Manja Doering in Grossstadtrevier (2005)


a couple of sexy non-nudes:

Olivia Munn

Stephanie Seymour