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Stone is a 1974 bikie cult classic about a cop named Stone (Ken Shorter) who has been asked to find the person who is assassinating bikies. He attempts to join the Gravediggers, run by Undertaker (Sandy Harbutt, also writer/producer/director etc.) and is helped when he saves Undertaker from being assassinated. The gang reluctantly allows the cop to join but they welcome him as he is willing to join in their activities. As Stone goes about looking who is behind the killing, he finds that most people actually welcome the Gravediggers because while they're rowdy, they actually drive business. It turns out that those wanting them dead are not actually the usual enemies of bikies. It's tough to describe the plot of this film because not a lot actually happens, it's more about the lifestyle and this is usually portrayed in the film with striking images more than plot. Stone is a filthy film, with the biker gang and their girls looking incredibly dirty which definitely adds a layer of authenticity to the film. Other images such as a massive (and quite insane) clifftop dive from a motorcycle, the bikie funeral ride, a bikie race and the brutal final scene are memorable even almost 40 years on. While the film meanders along in no hurry to get to it's destination, it's never boring and is far more intriguing than most biker films even when it delves into gross misogyny and other ugly behaviour. Stone is fascinating film that will be forever memorable.

Below you will find that I have released the videos in both widescreen and fullscreen. Not a lot of difference between the two except the fullscreen videos are darker and occasionally cut off relevant material. From what I understand, this version of Stone is the director's cut as the film was originally up to 40 minutes longer in cinema release, but was cut continually along the way. This is the only version that has gotten wide release and I'll doubt we will ever see Stone as it was originally released, although some deleted scenes on a possible future Bluray release would be nice. Also, word of a remake has cooled, which is probably a good thing.


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