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Laura Linney film clips (This set includes collages. See below.)

This is a sappy chick-flick (IMDb male/female differential is 1.4) which was written and directed by its star, Rob Morrow. None of that matters. What's important is the extensive full-frontal ginger nudity by Laura Linney. It's good timing to pay tribute to Laura because she just debuted her new TV series. She was 36 when this film was made, is now 46, and just as pretty as ever, although you probably won't see any more scenes like this ...

Then again, she's about the same age and on the same network as the frequently naked Mary-Louise Parker. Ms. Linney loves to surprise us, so we can always hope ...





The Secret Life of Us

(2001-2006; Aussie TV series)

Abi Tucker film clips (collages below)

Sibylla Budd film clips (collages below)

Tasma Walton film clips (collages below)

Yael Cohn and Alex Graf film clips (no collage; sample below)


Stripped Naked

(2009 TV movie)

Stripper-ploitation available on DVD in France.

Sarah Allen: despite playing the lead as a bisexual lesbian stripper she did not dance or have any nude scenes whatsoever.

Tommie-Amber Pirie: bra and panties as stripper.

Jennilee Murray: sideboob as stripper, then rock hard pokies.

Cinthia Burke: sexy only.

strippers: various uncredited topless strippers.

Lies and Deception

(2005 TV movie)

Movie shot in Montreal.

Madchen Amick: side boob.

Ellen Dubin: cleavage.

Sofia de Medeiros: cleavage as strip club waitress.

Basia Jasinski: buns as stripper.

strippers: various uncredited topless strippers.

Love for Sale


Typical fare on the BET network.

Melyssa Ford: almost falling out of her bathrobe.

A Winter Tale


An indie shot in the Toronto area.

Valerie Buhagiar: nude in bed and then sitting on toilet.

"Forensic Factor"

episode: "Love Bites"

True crime episode about a murder involving a love triangle involving three lipstick lesbians and a husband of one of them who's pissed off he wasn't allowed to watch.

Kara Harun (brunette) and Yulia Patrauskas (blonde) having a catfight and kissing  afterwards.

See Jane Date

(2003 TV movie)

From the my-ex-is-getting-married-and-i-don't-have-a-date week on the wimmin's network.

Charisma Carpenter: huge rack, cleavage and slight pokies.

Rachelle Lefevre: cleavage.

Sadie LeBlanc: cleavage.

Linda Tomassone: sexy.

"Paradise Falls"

episode: "Dearly Beloved" (s3e20)

I missed this episode last week. It's available on as a download but hosers on Canadian IPs are blocked from viewing it. Anyways Kim Schraner kidnaps her gay ex-fiancee and ties him to the bed and tries to have sex with him but he couldn't get it up. Kim Shraner is not nude but Kim Poirier may have been in another sex scene. Cam someone south of the border find out and maybe do some captures?

Kim Schraner: brassiere from episode re-cap.


(2010 tv series) (preview only)

Another new tv series coming out in the fall with chick cops. Stars Gugu Mbatha, Mekia Cox and Canadian Jessica Parker Kennedy, who's best known for flashing her tits in Decoys 2.


"The Atheist Clitoris"

(2008 short)

A funny Canadian short on YouTube.

Ginette Gaskin: brassiere but no appearance from her co-star.

The Seamstress


Another horror starring funhouse favorite Lance Henriksen.

Lara Gilchrist: legs up in the air having sex.

Sarah Mutch: brassiere having sex.

The Slave Huntress 2

(2009; STV)

Another recent czechploitation from

Marie Veckova: nude having lesbian sex.


 aka "Run Rabbit Run" (2008) (trailer only)

No release info since its debut at the renowned Sudbury Film Festival  but the second trailer has some nudity in it.


"Bob Gratton, ma vie/My Life"

le episode: "Le car-wash erotique"

Gratton hires some strippers to bring business to his carwash.

Marie-Eve Soulard-La Ferriere: cleavage as dentist assistant.

Eve Aubert: side boob as carwash stripper.

Patricia McKenzie: very sexy as carwash stripper.

Ariane Foisy: sexy as stripper.

"Screwballs II"

aka "Loose Screws" (1985)

The recently re-released remastered version is the true widescreen version with more picture area but no extra nudity. An additional "international" fullscreen version was taken off a worn out European videotape and is ten minutes longer but still has no additional nudity either. So any that means any full frontal footage of Miss Mona Lott only resides in John Byner's vault.

widescreen vs fullscreen

Repo Men


The babe in the fake commercial section has been identified as an US actress.

Michelle Santoro: cleavage.




Brittany Murphy in Love and Other Disasters

Courtney Love

Yamila Diaz

Cindy Crawford

Gia Carangi

Isabelle Adjani

Michelle Pfeiffer

Natasha Kaplinsky

Elisabeth Margoni in The Professional


Bridget Fonda in Jackie Brown (full screen version)

Maja Miletich in Groupie

Taryn Manning in Groupie

other actresses in Groupie



Aly Hartman and many others in the immortal screen classic, Spring Break Massacre

Doona Bae in Air Doll

Keira Knightley in The Jacket

Susan Dey in Looker

Many clips of Antje Nikola Moenning in Engel mit schmutzigen Fluegeln (samples below)

Maren Scholz joins Antje Nikola Moenning in Engel mit schmutzigen Fluegeln (samples below)

Kristanna Loken in Lime Salted Love (samples below)

Sonja Richter in Kvinden der dromte om en mand (samples below)