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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.









Part 1 of ?

The first two Maggie Gyllenhaal 1920x1080 film clips

The following are the collages which accompany all the film clips, not just the two above. Three more spectacular 1920x1080 film clips will appear in the next issues.








What Doesn't Kill You


Blink and you will miss a quick nipple peek from Amanda Peet in What Doesn't Kill You, but Amanda also looks hot in her lingerie. Caps and a HD clip.



TV Land

Over in TV Land a double feature today.

First up Rachel McAdams looking really hot and leggy visiting the 'Today" show. Caps and a HD clip.

Then Marisa Miller with a cool leg & thigh show on WPIX in the Big Apple. Caps and a HD clip (sorry no sound on the clip, but who needs sound when you are looking at Marisa).










Doetzen Kroes, just a 24-year-old kid and already one of the world's five most highly compensated models.

In English words, her first name name is pronounced DOUBT-sin, and her last name is the first syllable of crucifix.  (Here she is pronouncing it.)



Film Clips

Here's Rachel McAdams doing some modest but attractive nudity in The Time Traveler's Wife (which just opened yesterday). This is a cam clip of very poor quality, but it shows us what we can look forward to.

Sarah Oh in The Crypt. This is from a pre-release rip of some kind. The DVD will come out on August 25th. NOTE: This is not the Sandra Oh, who is well known from Grey's Anatomy, but Sarah Oh, who is a newcomer. They are not related, to my knowledge.

Lindsay Lohan in Labor Pains. No nudity, but she looks tight in underwear, and the clip is excellent quality (720p). This one was supposed to be theatrical, but ended up being broadcast on cable TV. It hit the DVD shelves two weeks ago.

Shannyn Sossamon in Life is Hot in Cracktown (2009). Another pre-release clip, but quite good quality. This one has no firm DVD release date. I had a screener of this, but tossed it without realizing it had the nudity pictured to the right.!  
Lisa Martinek in Der mann von nebenan (sample right). This is a Bavarian TV film from 2002.