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Encounters is a soft core crime thriller. Dean Tarrolly is an up-and-coming mortgage broker who specializes in commercial property appraisals. He is in line for a VP position, but things could be better at home with wife Leslie Harter Zemeckis. Then he is assigned to appraise a strip club which is looking for big capital to expand, and that is where he meets stripper Rachel Wagner and her boyfriend Tom Ardavany. Rachel clearly impresses our man Dean, and when she asks his help in appraising a house, he agrees. As he is leaving her place, he discovers that her boyfriend is a violent parolee with both jealous and mean streaks. Still, when Rachel loses her job, our man is Johnny-on-the-spot, trading cash for an intimate lap dance in a motel room. Sooner or later, however, he will have to deal with the psychotic boyfriend.

It is only available in the US from on a dual region (1 and 4) DVD in English. This film is light on nudity and simulated sex, but the plot does build some momentum, and Tom Ardavany makes an effective bad guy.

This is a C-.





Leslie Harter Zemeckis


Rachel Wagner









Stealing Candy

Today we give you some eye candy. Jenya Lano plays a kidnapped starlet, with her captors forcing her to make a porno movie to be shown on the Internet. Jenya has a very impressive set that goes on display as she does her lovemaking scene for the Internet audience.






Notes and collages

Short Cuts - Part 4

More bright orange beaver from Julianne Moore







True, True Lie

You know the kind of movie where someone gets out from a mental institution after a few years and after some time out starts getting flashbacks from the past and starts to discover the truth behind their "insanity"?

Well they made another one.

This movie, like all the others of its kind, is not very good.

The good news is that Lydia Leonard, who I saw recently in Jericho, gets naked. The bad news is that the other chicks don't.

Jaime King thought she was filming the prequel of "Basic Instinct," and if they ever do one, she should play Catherine, she really looks like the character, and she probably will have to do a lot of nudity, that will be a plus.



Lydia Leonard


Jaime King


Anabelle Wallis












Blanchard Ryan


Candace Smith


Sarah Figoten



Simona Fusco










Britney Spears in a black top rendered partially transparent by bright lights

Full frontal nudity from Claire Keim in J irais au paradis car l enfer est ici


Anne Hathaway caught in a bikini






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

The British government surveyed over 1,600 people and found that
men in early middle age are the least happy with their lives.  Respondents were asked to rank their well being on a 1-10 scale.  Most people ranked it fairly high at around 7.3 with a slight dip for women aged 25-34.   But men in their late 30s-early 40s ranked their happiness at just 6.8, well below teenagers, the elderly and women of their own age.  The good news for men is that the mid-life crisis passes, and after retirement age, their happiness rises to 7.8, the highest ranking of all.

*  And then they die.

British children's party clown Tony Turner, who performs under then name "Barney Baloney," says that political correctness is driving him out of business.  First, his insurance company told him he couldn't blow bubbles because kids might slip on the soap.  Then he was told he couldn't twist balloons into the shape of guns because it might encourage violence.  Now, a supermarket has told him he can't use balloons at all because some kids might be allergic to latex.  Baloney said, "At this rate I will have no act left.  Things are going from crazy to ridiculous."

*  They've also ordered him to change his name from
Barney Baloney to Tommy Tofu. 

*  Also, pies in the face promote obesity; clown white is insensitive to people of color; and the 32 clowns in his little car all have to wear seat belts. 

After a troubled preview during which the entire cast was replaced, an "American Idol"-inspired musical officially opened off-Broadway Monday and closed after one show.  "Idol: The Musical" was promoted as a "satirical musical comedy that focuses on the outrageous and delusional fan base of the hit television show."  The producer said he had to close it due to a lack of financing, ticket sales or positive feedback from audiences or critics. 

*  Other than that, it was a whopping success.