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'Caps and comments by Brainscan:


First thing are some clips from the movie, Vampire Vixens from Venus.

Let's see...JJ North, Theresa Lynn and the wonderful Leslie Glass play recently arrived VV's from V, whereas Michelle Bauer plays a VVV whose been around a while. Or something like that. Stupid movie, not nearly enough nekkidness to make up for the miserable, silly-ass plot and nonexistent production values. A comedy without a chckle or a chortle anywhere to be had. Under those circumstances they would have needed Leslie and Michelle to do a 20-minute full-on girl-meet-girl scene to rescue this dog. Even then I would have the thumb on the FF button all the way through to the good part. Bottom line here is that you are now seeing THE good parts.

I also added in three clips of Toni Lee from Rush Week because it is a rare movie indeed in which a) Kathleen Kinmont gives up the goodies and b) someone else (that would be Toni) has even nicer looking goodies.

  • Toni Lee zipped .avis (1, 2, 3)

Just a trifle, but a trifle from a gal who has starred in about 55 movies, written a half-dozen, produced and directed a few more. These are caps of Juliet Berto in Celine et Julie vont en baeau (1974), which I hear translates as Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Maybe not. Anyway, Juliet takes a three-minute shower and talks to her friend the whole time and even though she is a scrawny little thing, Juliet was more than sorta pretty when she was topless.

Juliet Berto

Here are some paparazzi pics of Jessica Alba when she looked like the Ice Queen--blonde and dressed in white. Uh, and it was breezy that day,

Jessica Alba

'Caps and comments by Hankster:

Today is a "Hankster Light" day, special cleavage edition. We took the Time Machine back to 1981 and took a look at the no-thought required action/comedy, "The Cannonball Run". It was actually kinda fun to watch this crazy movie again after all these years.

First up is Farrah Fawcett. Not really so much cleavage as pokies here.

Farrah Fawcett

The in her only screen credit we have Vickie Reigle as a carhop with awesome cleavage.

Vickie Reigle

Finally, Adrienne Barbeau & Tara Buckman show off their cleavage, but it's Adrienne who steals the show.

Adrienne Barbeau & Tara Buckman

Crimson Ghost
Today's featured Skinemax babe is Gabriella Hall. She's been a regular on late night cable since 1995 and has appeared in over 45 films and almost every erotic TV series you can name.

Here she is gettin' it on in scenes from "Sex Files: Alien Erotica II" (2000).

Gabriella Hall

'Caps and comments by Dann:

"Sleep with Me"
Sometimes its not what you do, its how well you do it. This 1994 comedy/drama doesn't really offer a new plot, but the acting and writing help keep it interesting, all the more amazing because six different writers wrote a scene for this movie.

Joseph and Frank, who are best friends and part of a larger group of friends, both love Sarah, another of the group. When Sarah and Joseph marry, Frank can't let go.

The interaction among the three, and the larger group as well, is what makes the story. While the comedy is low-key rather than slapstick, it is still funny and interesting.

Not a breakthrough movie, but a fairly well done one.

Parker Posey
First up from PAL, here is Rae Dawn Chong topless in scenes from the direct-to-vid movie "Power of Attorney" (1995).

Next, PAL catches an extremely brief bit of nipple from French super-star Catherine Deneuve. Scenes from "À nous deux" (1979).

German actress Hannelore Elsner goes topless and kinda shows a bit of bum in "...aber Jonny!" (1973).

Many thanks to Gman for these edits of the recent paparazzi pics featuring Jessica Alba in that yellow bikini.

Here is Demi Moore very toned and looking fantastic while playing a stripper in scenes from the offbeat comedy/drama/thriller "Striptease".

Everyone rags on this movie, but it actually has moments that are entertaining (in addition to Demi's nudity). Ving Rhames in particular actually has a few funny lines, and Burt Reynolds plays his role as old perv like a pro. Let's put it this way, if you're channel surfing at 2am, this is one of the better choices you can make.

Señor Skin delivers French actress Isabelle Huppert baring all 3 B's in scenes from one of her earlier films, "La Dame aux camélias" (1981).

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Other Crap

Borowitz: BUSH REFUSES TO SET TIMETABLE FOR WITHDRAWAL FROM CRAWFORD ... Early End to Vacation Would Send Terrible Signal, President Says
  • At the White House, spokesman Scott McClellan defended the president’s decision to remain in Crawford indefinitely: “President Bush deserves August off, especially when you consider how many summers he had to go to school.”

Some new alleged pre-implant pics of Demi Moore have just surfaced on the 'net

Say it ain't so, Joe. Paris Hilton has split with her teacup Chihuahua, Tinkerbell. "The miniature mutt has been callously replaced with a smaller version called Bambi."

Victoria Beckham says 'I have never read a book' ... an astounding claim since she and her husband have each written autobiographies. I guess it's pretty safe for Becks to say whatever he wants to say in his next memoir. It'll be like making fun of the Amish on the internet - no chance she'll ever see it.

Russell Crowe's "phone bill" - six million dollars. Hey, Crowe, come and throw a phone at me, dude. I'll let you do it for half price.

Italian archaeologists believe they are on the verge of finding the ancient ships downed in the battle of the Aegates Islands more than 2 000 years ago

The Elvis and Jack Nicklaus mysteries

A judge has extended a ban on the sale and distribution of a home-made sex video starring Colin Farrell and his ex-girlfriend.

"ESPN to air duck calling " Refer to Dodgeball for comments.

Four Brothers takes the Weekend Box Office - Aug. 12-14
  • Bigalow turns out to be a Deuce Bag.
  • Penguins hold tight
  • Broken Flowers, The Great Raid, and The Aristocrats show life in limited distribution

Elephant throws out first pitch. Either that or Rich Garces is making a comeback.

Kobayashi does it again. The Japanese hot dog eating champion is now the dumpling king as well.

Americans dump cow shit on Canada. If the spill heads into Lake Ontario, the Canadian government is planning to re-route it to Hamilton, where cow shit is considered an air freshener.


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