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Stop the Presses
  • Hot off the news stand, here's actress Gretchen Mol right off the cover of Vanity Fair. Gretchen is probably best known from "Donnie Brasco" or "Girl 6" (not to be confused with Leonard, Part 6).
  • A few days ago we posted a link to an Elisabeth Shue movie clip from "The Trigger Effect". Well, one of our visitors sent back a still as a thank you gift. Naturally, because of all the warmth and love in the Fun House, we want to share it with all of our visitors. Enjoy. -Sorry, folks, I was at the airport not too long ago, and I couldn't escape the Krishnas. I guess they got to me.
  • From RDO
  • Once again, in his neverending attempt to capture every frame of celebrity nudity, today RDO marks one more movie off his list. Today's celeb, is Myriem Roussel. Vidcaps from the French movie "Je vous salue Marie". Of course, as I am not French, I have no idea who she is, but I will say that RDO managed to catch a few nice scans of a very nice body.
  • Myriem Roussel from "Je vous salue Marie", #2.
  • Myriem Roussel from "Je vous salue Marie", #3.
  • Myriem Roussel from "Je vous salue Marie", #4.
  • Myriem Roussel from "Je vous salue Marie", #5.
  • Myriem Roussel from "Je vous salue Marie", #6. Being a bit of a film nut, I thought I'd show off what can only be called "a really silly camera shot". Take a look at the two 'caps on the bottom of this one. Someday I would like to make movies. I think "Uncle Scoopy's Fun House: The Movie" is a film that simply must be made. Anybody know where I can get some good, cheap camera equipment?
  • Fun House Variety
  • From The Anonymous Guy, another Hollywood bimbo from a movie few have ever seen, Kehli O'Byrne. Vidcaps from "Tainted Love".
  • Last week, Dagg sent in about 8 vidcaps of Priscilla Barnes from "The Crossing Gaurd". Since she chose to act this part without a third, psychic nipple (a la "Mallrats"). I felt it would be a let down for her fans if I posted all 8 images without the bonus nipple. The thought of loyal Fun House viewers downloading all those files to only see 2 nipples broke my heart. So, I felt it would be best to pick a couple of really good vidcaps from the bunch, and hope that it would be enough to tide everybody over.
  • Priscilla Barnes, from "The Crossing Gaurd" by Dagg, #2.
  • From Crow, an extreme close up of Samantha Janus' bum. Vidcaps from "Breeders".
  • One more of Samantha from "Breeders", this time Crow 'caps her in a shower scene.
  • As some of our viewers know, Don Bun has a new toy. He's been playing with a new DVD player, and sending in some very high quality images. Today, Holly Hunter from "The Piano". I'm guessing the entire world has seen everything Holly has to offer by now, but it's worth a peek, simply to see the quality of DVD.
  • Here's a little something out of the ordinary, Debrah Farentino. If you don't recognize the name, it's O.K., she was the doctor on the show "Earth 2". So naturally, very few people recognize the name. Seriously, did anybody ever watch that show? I know it's on the Sci-Fi channel now. I tried to watch it once, but I had to leave after the first 15 minutes to get a root canal. I didn't need one, but it was more enjoyable than watching Tim Curry overact in a bad wig. I think Tim has been taking night classes at the Shatner School of Acting lately.