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Phoebe Fox was topless, although the scene was dark and brief, in Life in Squares (s1e2)

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Karen Hassan

Continuing with the films of the 70s ...

The Sentinel

The Sentinel (1977) has plenty of nakedness by Beverly D’Angelo,

Sylvia Miles

and some unidentified women.

Some lovely pokies by Cristina Raines

and Deborah Raffin.

Blue Collar

Blue Collar (1978) has some breasts by some women identified in the credits as ‘Party Girl’.

TV/Film clips

Irina Vasilenko in Corridor (2012) in 720p

Lara Phillips in The Ice Harvest (2005) in 720p

Angelina Jolie in Mojave Moon (1996)


Beyonce - sheer outfit

Melanie Griffith nearly forty years ago (1976)