TV Round Up

Strike Back

Season Two premiere

(third party videos)

This was originally a Sky1 production, but the second series was co-produced by Sky and Cinemax. We can probably expect the participation of Cinemax to up the ante on nudity. That seemed to be the case in episode one. Fine with me. Here it is in 720p, with samples below each clip.

Karen David

Jennifer Tanarez

Alexandra Moen and others


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.





season 4, 2011

Episode 9

Melissa Stephens in 1080p

That's it for Californication until the new season begins! And that's after Christmas. (Sigh)



Dark Rising 2: Summer Strikes Back!

(2011 video)

Unrated but near skinless sequel which was recently released last week with Brigitte Kingsley reprising her role.

Brigitte Kingsley: lesbian kiss with Cory Lee, tied up Hankster-style, and flashing a nip in the second last frame.

Cory Lee: bra and panties.

Julia Schneider: Beta House babe sexy.

Angelina Love: wrestling babe sexy.

Katherine Collett: catfight and light lesbian action with Brigitte Kingsley in the Dark Rising Xmas special from the "Dark Rising: The Savage Tales of Summer Vale" cable series which aired recently on Superchannel.

Silent Sam


Detective movie with more than the average of female skin.

Claudia Wit: more Hankster-style action, topless tied to a chair.

Melanie Kastner: bra and panties.

Ester Li: topless in bed.

Amber-Ilana Martini: bare midriff as hotel hooker.

Moonlyn: singer showing cleavage as hooker.

Dunja Damjanovic & Alicia Savage: topless as sauna babes.



Internet romance recently released but already as dated as style of Blackberries featured in the movie. The sex is fully clothed and the nudity male. The way the internet is evolving, instead of arranging for a rendezvous couples will instead have virtual sex with each other's computer avatars.

Carly Pope: she barely got out of her blouse for her sex scene.

Kristen Hager: bare back having sex.

Holly Dignard: nice panty upskirt.

"Blood Shed"

(2008 short)

Another bloody horror short from the makers of "Hobo With A Shotgun."

Miranda Wilkins: topless as stripper tied up Hankster-style.

The Housekeeper


A cross between "Mary Poppins" and "Thelma and Louise" about a dyslexic British nanny who teams up with a religious fanatic ex-prostitute (the late Jackie Burroughs).

Jessica Steen: pokies and slight shower nude as the incestuous daughter having an affair with her younger stepbrother.


tv series pilot episode

New series about a bunch of misfits who fight crime, each with their own special power.

Laura Mennell: her special is power is "hyper induction" or the ability to get men to do what she wants (a form of "leading men on"). She is to men as Aquaman is to fish. Her secret is to wear a low cut blouse so they can stare down her tits. But this doesn't work with gays.

"Rescue Me"

episode: "Mutha"

The season premiere of the seventh and final season.

Andrea Roth: nice bra-less pokies in pregnancy prosthetic.

"Tooted and Booted"

(music video)

A spoof of the music video "Toot and Boot.

Renee Percy: comedienne showing alot of cleavage in bikini and lingerie.

"Butterfly Girl"

(music video)

The problem with this singer is she has the same name of a nude model in France who's far less stacked.


"Urban Legends"

TV series; episode: "What a Way to Go"

Using advanced Boobie Recognition Software this stripper has finally been IDed.

Stephanie Arnold: partial boob smother strip club patron with her tits in a weird tale of erotic asphyxiation.

"Pure Pwnage"

web series

A treat for gaming geeks and comic book nerds. Female gamer Monica Grzelak, aka Th3 Rogue, who has appeared at their conventions in a naughty schoolgirl outfit is also a model.

Monica Grzelak: in signature schoolgirl uniform in final Pure Pwnage webisode (produced before the Showcase series).

Monica Grzelak: almost falling out of her bathing suit.

Monica Grzelak & Lovina Yavari: lesbian action. They both worked on the short "Voodoo Date".

Lovina Yavari: bare midriff.


Renee Chouinard: stacked and alot of cleavage.

Claudia Wit: actress modelling bikini.

Anna Ross: nice leg.

Amber-Ilana Martini: sexy.





Buddies is a long-lost 1983 comedy about two lifelong friends Mike (Colin Friels) and Johnny (Harold Hopkins), who are make a living by mining for sapphires in far north Queensland. All of a sudden the rules regarding where you can mine are changed from "first in" to "having to reserve the land." That leaves Mike and Johnny in the lurch and begins a war with local profiteer Andy (Dennis Miller). After fighting Andy off of their claimed spot, they mine the sapphires, sell them, get the money to buy a bulldozer and dig the shit out of the area, leaving it unminable. This really pisses off Andy and his thugs.

With the money they have left, Mike and Johnny hire a plane to find good areas to mine for sapphires. But now Andy has bought out the local buyers and decides to under pay all the tinpot miners for major profit. Mike and Johnny cotton onto this and decide to artificially pump up the price to rip off Andy. They may have won this round, but Andy is now determined more than ever to get rid of the buddies.

Oh, there's other stuff going on with a posh family setting up camp with the boys, and feisty Stella (Kris McQuade) who keeps the boys in line when she's not plastered and horny.

Buddies was barely released in cinema and video back in the day and pretty much disappeared until the recent DVD released. I don't know why, because it's quite a fun little film that seems to have a lot more love for it than the similarly themed Rikky and Pete. Friels and Hopkins, who played love rivals in the previous year's Monkey Grip, work well together and there's a great bulldozer fight at the end of the film. Definitely worth a look.

That sex scene below was cut out of the movie for the cinema release to get a PG rating. Glad they put it back in... Mind you Kris McQuade has never been a shy girl (check out Alvin Purple and Alvin Rides Again for more information). Oh, that reminds me, must redo the Alvin Purple films one of these days.


Kris McQuade film clip. Collage below.

Rhonda Carling Rogers film clip. Sample below.



Film Clips

Marie Louise Wille in Dreng (2011). See below.

Aurelie Montea in The Adventures of Philibert (2011) in 720p. It's a great scene, reminiscent of 1979s exploitation films! See below.

More from Philibert: Sandy Lobry. See below.

Natalia Verbeke in Les femmes du 6eme etage (2010). See below.

Inga Birkenfeld in Bergblut (2010). See below.

Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis in Halalabad_Blues (2002). See below.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Hush (1998) in 720p. See below.

Laura Mana and Mathilda May in La Teta y la Luna (1994). See below.

Kirsten Norholt in Julefrokosten (1976). See below.



One more of Natasha Bedingfield at the Life Ball