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Every Time We Say Goodbye


Every Time We Say Goodbye is every bit a classic WW II love story starring Tom Hanks and Christina Marsillach. Hanks plays an RAF pilot who enlisted in Canada before the US entered the war, much to the chagrin of his pacifist preacher father. As the film opens, he is in Jerusalem recovering from a leg wound. He is discharged, and his wingman gives him his flat. Turns out the wingman is getting married. Tom is not convinced that marriage to anyone is a good idea in the middle of a world war, but this girl is a Spanish Jew - part of the group that left Spain in 1492 and, to this day, retain their language (Ladino) and their customs. The marriage, for her, means being ostracized from her family forever. So Tom is against it, but goes with his friend to meet her. She brings along her friend, Christina Marsillach, and Tom is immediately smitten.

As Christina leaves, a drunken Aussie attacks her, and Tom comes to the rescue. Her cousin, and the man she is expected to marry, thanks Tom and invites him to the family Sabbath diner. He receives a warm welcome from the entire family, until it becomes clear that he is romantically interested in Christina, then he is thrown out, and mom orders her to never see him again. Eventually, the family goes so far as to kidnap her, and lock her in her room with no clothes.

I will leave the ending for you to discover.

For those who think this sort of wartime romance is a little far-fetched, let me assure you that such things happened. My father's best friend was stationed in London. He ducked into a pub one night in the fog, and ended up marrying the bar maid/ pub owner's daughter. They had no cultural problems to speak of, but he had a difficult time explaining her to his sweetheart back home. The added cultural problems in this story greatly add the the tale, much more so than had it been a straight wartime romance. I very much enjoyed it.


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The Ruins


Today we have Laura Ramsey showing off her delectable tits and ass in these caps and a clip.







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Night of the Comet


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Poison Ivy 3: the New Seduction


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Mariah Carey - nice braless shots from a Snoop video

More Mariah - possible escaped nipple

Olympic nudity: Christina Tsoukala

Paris Hilton shows off her ass at the Playboy Mansion



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