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School of Surrender


School of Surrender is a direct-to-vid that has not made it to the US market. I recently wondered what had become of our old friend Lloyd A. Simandl and his Czechsploitation films. He is alive and well with his North American Pictures studio, but simply not releasing in the US. This, like all of his other films, features naked Czech women being tortured, abused, and fondled.

Petra Slavik runs an institute for wayward girls, where she trains them to be perfect sex companions using sleep deprivation, electric shock, isolation, whipping, and frequent lesbian caresses. Dagmar Vejnar brings in her stepdaughter Ivetta Zirnicek for training. She want the stepdaughter to give up her inheritance so she can clear cut it and retire. Silly Ivetta had something more like a national park in mind. While Ivetta is in training, Dagmar is given a loaner, Marie Veckova, to cater to her every whim. Meanwhile, when Petra Slavik isn't taking care of special requests like Ivetta Zirnicek, or Katerina Vrana, whose husband has brought her in to heighten her sexual response, she is training and reselling wayward girls.

Petra Slavik, Katerina Vrana and Dagmar Vejnar show breasts. Marie Veckova, Ivetta Zirnicek and a bunch of unknowns show everything.

IMDb readers have not weighed in on this one, nor are there any comments. This is wall to wall female nudity with a bare suggestion of a plot, more than a little torture and lots of girl/girl action. Given that Simandl films are sort of a genre unto themselves, this is a C. It has exactly what you buy one for. It is now available in the US from rldvds.com on an all-region PAL. It is in English, with optional Dutch subtitles.

School of Surrender


Scoop's notes: Most of Simandl's recent films (including this one) are in the Bound Heat series, and can be found at http://www.BoundHeat.com. This is an absolutely superlative web site. Not only is the site pleasant and fun to look at, but it offers a massive amount of free clips and galleries from the recent Czechsploitation classics, as I believe Spaz has indicated on some previous occasions.

Lloyd Simandl is a real old-world gentleman. In recent weeks I had the chance to pass some time chatting with him, because he was concerned about a large number of hits coming from our members' section. He thought it might be direct linking or outright piracy (he offers immediate direct downloads of his films), and he didn't know how to check it out since the links were coming from a password-protected page. I told him that it was just Spaz linking to the Bound Heat home page to tell people how to find more films with Maria Veckova. I also told him that Spaz was a huge fan, with Scoopy Junior and Tuna not far behind. You can't imagine a nicer guy. He give me his direct phone line, offered Scoopy Jr. a tour of the studios if he ever gets to Prague again, and told me he could probably wrangle an autographed pic of Maria for Spaz! (Are you reading this, Spaz?)

Here is what he said about Maria: "As to Marushka Veckova. She is in about 6 of the Bound Heat movies and will be in more, since she is not just 'terminally cute' but also a nice person and an aspiring actress. Albeit I have promised her that next time she will finally get to play a really nasty character :)."

Anyway, go to BoundHeat.com or the Simandl selection from Rare Licensed Dvds and do some shopping. BoundHeat sells direct downloads as well as DVDs. Tuna gave you the basic overview of their products above: wall-to-wall nudity from women in prison, obedient lesbians, white slavery, and other sorts of dominant/submissive specialty material. 



Dagmar Vejnar



Maria Veckova


Ivetta Zirnicek


Petra Slavik









In the Cold of the Night

The Time Machine takes a short trip to 1991.

Adrienne Sachs with some very nice breast exposure, I love those nipples standing at attention.

Shannon Tweed with just a bit of one boob, guess she wasn't paid enough to have done her normal amount of nudity.






Notes and collages

Short Cuts - Part 3

Julianne Moore







Padre no hay mas que dos

Another movie from the Spanish comedy duo of Esteso and Pajares. This time they tried to do a  movie for the whole family, leaving behind their usual sex comedies, but it didn't work.

Still the movie had some accidental nudity from one of the actresses.



Paloma Hurtado










The Dukes of Hazzard 2


April Scott


Casey Durkin and Carrie Minter



Jennifer Hill


Jennifer Hill and Trishelle Cannatella


Trishelle Cannatella


Kym Stys









De Grot

(2001, aka The Cave)

Dutch coming-of-age-movie. Athough PG-rated 12 in that country it would easily rate a NC-17 in the United States.

Femke Karel: full frontal by one-timer.
Saskia Temmink: fuzzy topless.
Nikkie Plessen: boob exposure.

Recipe for Revenge


Skinless romance from the Harlequin video series.

Here's Kim Huffman in her brassiere.


Love in the Time of Money


The recent Canadian Walk of Fame inductee Jill Hennessy has some fully clothed sex in this movie.

Jill Hennessy: bra and panties.

Mouth to Mouth


Euro roadtrip movie.

Ellen Page: partial boob having sex.
Beatrice Brown: upskirt in catfight.


This week's featured Czechsploitation actress is Lucie Oborna who has also done some hardcore as "Margarita."


Here she is in Bound Heat movies "The Slave Huntress" and "Mistress of Souls"


Here she is in hardcore from "Cum Inside Me 3" (the last collage is a very graphic splooge shot)







A film clip of Natasha Henstridge in Bela Donna. Three samples follow.

Two film clips of Tasma Walton in The Postcard Bandit. Two samples follow.

LC's film clip of Wendy Rhodes in Inland Empire. (Sample to the right.) I watched this David Lynch film last week and couldn't make hide nor hair of it. Roughly equivalent to watching somebody else's dreams.
A film clip of Amanda Baumann in Curse of the Maya. (Sample right.)

A film clip of Carrie Gonzalez, also in Curse of the Maya. (Sample right.)
A film clip of Tinsel Korey in The Lookout. (Sample right.)
A film clip of Amber Sainsbury in The Ferryman. (Sample right.)

Here is the complete collection of film clips from Mustang Sally's Horror House. The individuals in the clips are pictured below:
Alycen Malone Dana Fares Dierdre Cannon
Joanie Kempner Lindsey Labrum  
Three film clips of Natassia Malthe in three different movies. She's the ultimate cosmopolitan blend: her father is a Norwegian teacher, her mother is a Filipino nurse. She was raised in Canada and Scotland.
Here are a couple of film clips of public appearances in which the stars showed more than they intended to. Actually, I guess that's not true in the case of Bai Ling. Since her nipple falls out every single time she goes out, I guess we can assume it's intentional. Maybe the one of Monica Cruz, Penelope's sister, is a little less orchestrated.
Two high definition photos of sexy celebs. Rose McGowan, who looks absolutely incredible, and seems to get more beautiful the closer one looks. She looks better than she did five years ago.

... and Elizabeth Hurley, who is getting a bit too old for high definition, which shows the lines and the heavy layer of make-up.

But hey, she's still Hurley, dammit.






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Engineering and computer students at the University of California at
Irvine have built the world's highest-resolution TV screen.  It's 9-by-23 feet and has 200 million pixels, for a picture about 100 times more detailed than the best HDTV.  The bad news is, it's not for casual TV
viewing: it's designed to provide extremely large, detailed views of such tiny things as cancer cells or the brain cells of schizophrenics.  

*  The students learned never to use it for fun after they tried to watch Larry King interviewing Keith Richards on it.

A Taiwanese man attempted to set a new record by bicycling over 4,350 miles from Taiwan to Moscow.  But two-thirds of the way through, he was hit by a Russian drunk driver and had to be hospitalized.  The drunk driver fled the scene.

*  Russian police have narrowed it down to 10 million suspects.