Assorted film clips:

Carrie Fleming (Zipped .mpg) and Brenda James (Zipped .mpg) in Masters of Horror, Season 1, Episode 4, "Jennifer."  LC made the film clips

Here are LC's sample images from the clips:

Carrie Fleming Brenda James



Rachel McAdams, My Name is Tonino. (Two .avis zipped together). Here's the Movie House Page. (It's not a review, just some facts. The film is in Italian, so I couldn't understand it.)

Dead Red made the film clips, and here are his derived collages:

Rachel McAdams



Charlotte Ayanna, Jawbreaker. (Zipped .avi) Charlotte is not naked here, but she's wet and braless and she's Charlotte Ayanna, dammit. She's a personal favorite of both Scoopy Senior and Junior. I expected her to become a bigger name, but I guess it ain't a-gonna happen.




The Phillies suck, but you sure can't blame this guy!

Ryan Howard is an anomaly in two ways.

  • Almost all of the game's best hitters entered the majors while quite young. Howard didn't become a regular until mid-season last year, when he was already 25 1/2, and seven full years past his high school graduation. And he would not have gotten a chance even then, except that Jim Thome was injured and the Phils had no other choice! He was a fifth-round draft pick, and spent five full seasons in the minors, including three below the AA level.
  • Almost all of the great home run hitters pull the ball. Howard has hit most of his homers to the opposite field, which means that the 260 pounder is so damned strong that he even hits his mistakes out of the park. I can only think of one other power hitter who hit most of his homers to the opposite field, and that was Bo Jackson, but Bo never hit more than than 32 in a year. Howard already has 41 in mid-August, and hit another 11 in Spring training in just 85 at-bats.

It's August 14th, and ... you're on notice ...

Today's notes:

  • Blue Ball, Pennsylvania. So tantalizingly close to Intercourse that it's frustrating.
  • Fozzie Bear. Using jovial front to disguise a godless killing machine. Wokka, wokka, splat.
  • Homosassa Springs. It's on double secret notice. Not only is it sapping America's manly essence, but it is also sheltering terrorist manatees for future Hudson River attacks. Do NOT drink from it. Look what happened to Liberace. He used to talk like James Earl Jones - then ... one little sip of Homosassa water.
  • Big-butt queen ants are growing in popularity. And it's going to get worse. "Andres Santamaria was given a $40,000 grant to develop an environmentally sustainable, export-oriented program for breeding the ants." Don't be fooled by their appearance. Sure they look delicious covered in creamy Belgian chocolate with just a dash of nougat, but they can kill you ... or worse. Look what happened to J-Lo after just one tempting bite of the elegantly-packaged "culonas."
National Football League owners have voted unanimously to ban local television cameras from sidelines during games this fall.

"A Colorado couple is weighing options after winning Warrior, the custom Crazy Horse Memorial motorcycle."

Colombia faces possible critical shortage of big-butt queen ants

Kevin Federline announced Friday that he is launching his own record label, Federation Records

Yes it's the music you've been waiting for - Paris Hilton's CD is here!

"Mel Gibson Protests FAA's Ban on Liquids" ... Actor Enlists Support of Billy Joel, Liza Minnelli's Early Report for August 13

Google Porn?

Edinburgh is world's toughest gig for comics
  • Hell, you can't even understand what the hecklers are saying.

You think Jordan could go to the hoop? Check out the World Record Trampoline Slam Dunk!

Pretty funny stuff: New York Times reporting through history

The most intimidating team in sports? Forget the '27 Yankees. Check out rugby's All Blacks, who begin every match with a Maori war dance. Here's an Adidas commercial based on their "Haka"

SportsStuff Sumo Tube - Wear it! Steer it!
  • Let's hope the sumo tube is safer than their kite tube (see below)

"Texas men arraigned on terrorism charges in Michigan"
  • Our Texas names sure have changed, podner. There's Ol' Sagebrush Maruan, Adham the Kid, and "Louie" Louai

Sleep with Neanderthals? Apparently we (homo Sapiens) did
  • ... as evidenced by the fact that Gerard Depardieu has children

"KITE TUBE WITHDRAWN FROM MARKET - CLICK HERE FOR INFO" ... I'd say they had some fairly good reasons.

"Actress Brooke Shields has a pretty impressive pedigree -- hanging from her family tree are Catherine de Medici and Lucrezia Borgia, Charlemagne and El Cid, William the Conqueror and King Harold II, vanquished by William at the Battle of Hastings."
  • The point of the article is that you are also descended from many of those people. For example, some experts estimate that 80 percent of England's present population descends from Edward III.
San Antonio's self-watering tree

Weekend Box Office Results for August 11-13, 2006

  • Step Up just about doubled its estimate. Although it actually won the day on Friday, it couldn't hold on to the pole position, and Ricky Bobby eventually picked up the checkered flag for a second straight week.
  • Tim Allen's Zoom, going for the "worst film of the year" trophy with a 0% rating at Rotten Tomatoes, completely tanked at the box office as well, with only $4.6 million.
  • Abetted by some great reviews and good word of mouth, Little Miss Sunshine continued to kick some major ass. It finished in the top twelve despite appearing in only 145 theaters, beating seven films which were in 750 or more, and even beating The Ant Bully, which was in 2000 theaters!
  • Buoyed by Step Up, the week did a bit better than expected, and beat last year by about 6%

Can Muslim women follow both faith and fashion?

Four clips from Idlewild, a musical
  • Another one? Didn't they already sing about that in Sound of Music? Idlewild, Idlewild, every morning you greet me ..
  • It's actually the story of the loves and ambitions of two struggling performers is told through intricate musical numbers and vibrantly choreographed dance sequences. Idlewild is an original musical starring André 3000 and Big Boi.

WTF?? Darth Vader, the Musical (Actually, the parody makes a good point. Star Wars does include a lot of typical Andrew Lloyd Webber melodrama.)

Bill O'Reilly vs Michael Moore

Party Flashers - Whats Beneath That Party Dress?

This is a funny video! What if people told one another the truth?

It was August 13th - and You Were On Notice.

Sunday's notes:

  • Albert Camus? It's bad enough he was poisoning the mind of that French race car driver who was beating Ricky Bobby, but now he's corrupting our President. Camus's books are filled with ideas, and those could be dangerous to anyone who has so little experience with them.
  • Bullet-proof jocks. OK, bullet-proof hats I could understand because Tarantino movies have taught criminals to shoot police in the head. But, c'mon, how can you consider yourself tough if you can't take a bullet in the nuts? Ty Cobb once came out to home plate before a 1908 home game and shot himself in both nuts, then proceeded to go 5-for-5 and steal four bases. And Eliot Ness used to take his testicles out of the sac and use them for skeet-shooting targets.
  • Hudson River Manatees. If you were bin Laden, how would you sneak a bomb into New York harbor? Everyone trusts the lovable, gentle, roly-poly manatee, nature's own version of John Candy.




Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Angel Guts: High School Coed (1978)

"Jokôsei: tenshi no harawata" is the first in the Angel Guts series from Nikkatsu Corporation. Having acquired a popular series of Mangas by Takashi Ishii,  Nikkatsu meant this to be a big deal compared to their previous Roman Porn efforts, and went out of their way to make it shocking, and to establish a unique identity for the series, for example by having many dramatic scenes punctuated by heavy rain. The screenplay was written by Toshiharu Ikeda, and it was directed by Chusei Sone, who would later win an award for directing Angel Guts: Red Classroom.

Unlike the others in the Angel Guts series, Coed does not feature Nami as the central character. This particular story centers around three young hoodlums, who together comprise a motorcycle gang, but have only two motorcycles among them. Their chief recreation is running down cars with affluent-looking passengers, one male and one female. They then rob the man and two of them rape the woman. The third one doesn't participate in the rape. Whatever the reason for that, it is a sore subject with him. One of the three takes care of a kid sister (Megu Kawashima) in junior high. She is with him when he runs into his two buddies, who are about to rape Nami (Machiko Ohtani). Big bro stops the rape to keep his sister from finding out what a creep he is, which causes a huge rift in the gang. Finally, while the gang leader is having sex with his girlfriend, the brother agrees to rape Nami to make up for his previous actions. After the scheduled rape, the gang leader wants his turn, but our man develops a conscience, preventing it. The gang leader then seduces the kid sister to get even. I will leave the final odd twists for you to discover.

It is a C on our scale. Of course, it's a specialty genre which mainstream audiences may find repulsive, but if you like shocking cinema, and can deal with brutal rape, you might want to give the series a try. It shouldn't bore you.

IMDb readers say 6.3.


Megu Kawashima

Tokuko Watanabe

Machike Ohtani









Two very different but closely related items.  Leading with our strength, let's start with collages of Salma Hayek in Ask the Dust.  The caps are from the master, Tuna.  My own little contribution was to piece together a few of them. 

Salma Hayek

What makes this relevant to the next item is a matter of personal opinion.  The way it looks to these aged eyes, with 3/4ths of 2006 just about gone, Salma's performance in Ask the Dust is one of four that lead the pack in annual nekkidness.  The other four are Brittany Daniel in Rampage, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 2 and Bai Ling in Edmond.  All came into the year with name recognition and all have given up major goodies in movies that premiered in 2006  I, myself, favor Brittany as the one who had not appeared nekkid prior to January 1, '06, but after working on Salma's
caps I can appreciate why a whole lotta folks will favor her.

Okay, second thing is in response to a comment you made, oh wise Uncle, about the list of top 20 nekkid performances on the big or small screen.  The Gimp and I spent a few minutes generating a list as voted on by those who cap movies.  Which 24 performances have been capped most often?  We chose to figure out the top 24 performances because The Gimp's database is creeping toward the 24,000 plateau.  So the top 24 would represent not just the top 1% but the top one-tenth of 1%.  They are as follows:

Nicole Kidman Eyes Wide Shut 45
Phoebe Cates Fast Times....            34
Halle Berry       Swordfish 32
Shannon Elizabeth American Pie 32
Sherilyn Fenn Two Moon Junction 30
Heather Graham        Killing Me Softly 30
Reese Witherspoon Twilight        30
Jennifer Connelly Hot Spot 29
Amy Smart       Road Trip 29
Katie Holmes Gift, The 28
Jennifer J Leigh Fast Times....            28
Alyssa Milano Embrace of the Vampire 28
Demi Moore       Striptease 27
Elizabeth Berkley Showgirls 26
Heather Graham       Boogie Nights 26
Angelina Jolie Gia       26
Denise Richards       Wild Things       26
Thora Birch       American Beauty       24
Gina Gershon Showgirls 24
Jaime Pressly Poison Ivy 3       24
Lea Thompson All the Right Moves 24
Kate Winslet       Titanic        24
Elle McPherson Sirens        23
Mena Suvari       American Beauty       23

The last column is the number of times a performance has been capped.  What continues to surprise me is the truly extraordinary number of times Nicole Kidman has been capped from Eyes Wide Shut.  There are a half-dozen folk whose only posted work was of Nicole in EWS. 

Only a handful of performances have been capped 20-22 times.  Think of them as the next 13.  And they are:

Michelle Johnson Blame it On Rio 22
Amanda Peet Whole Nine Yards 22
Christina Ricci Prozac Nation 22
Sharon Stone Basic Instinct 22
Nicole Kidman Billy Bathgate 22
Halle Berry        Monster's Ball 21
Tara Fitzgerald Sirens        21
Tara Reid Body Shots         21
Patricia Arquette Lost Highway 20
Joan Chen Wild Side, The 20
Anne Heche       Wild Side, The 20
Milla Jovovich Fifth Element 20
Mathilda May Lifeforce 20

All of this changes just about every day.  I am betting a year from now, for example, Salma's romp in the surf will earn her a spot on the list of top 24 and by then we will probably be talking about the top 25 as the list of performances grows a bit longer every dad gum day. 

Scoop's note: unless I missed something, only three women are on the list more than once: Kidman, Berry, Graham. I suppose Phoebe Cates would be as well, if Paradise were released on DVD anyplace other than Asia.

That leaves off some famous names: Sharon Stone, Jennifer Connelly, Angelina Jolie, etc. Surprisingly, Rosanna Arquette doesn't even make the list once. Certainly not from lack of trying!







First there was "Busty Cops."  Now there's "Busty Cops 2." 

And coming soon..."Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade." 

Really.  I'm not making that up.

This is a project which will stretch over several days. Kicking it off is cutie Glori-Anne Gilbert.






Kate Bosworth falls out of her top. Hope we see a better version of this in the future.

Some TV collages of Nikki Cox (l) and Lynda Carter (r), created by RokWatch