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Today. Commentary by The Realist
  • these are the Elle Macpherson full-frontal nude paparazzi shots published in Interviu magazine, as scanned by Publisher. Once again, Mr Publisher seems to have scooped everyone
  • Tuna
  • Today's Tuna movie project is "Human Desires". He's done collages of four actresses in this movie, but the most important is probably the popular Shannon Tweed.
  • Dawn Ann Billings
  • Lisa Nohea
  • Peggy Trentini
  • Noteworthy
  • new paparazzi shots of Aqua's Lene Nystrom, from The Honte.
  • Akira's collage of Katie Holmes on Leno night ere last.
  • FR
  • FR got into public stuff today. Here's Jeanne Tripplehorn at a premiere. Interesting dress.
  • Public cleavage from Patsy Kensit
  • Public cleavage from Casta
  • Graphic Response
  • I didn't know it, but I guess Ally Sheedy let a breast fall out in Bad Boys
  • Here's a close-up of the Sheedy breast
  • Here are the three Geena Davis private nudes first published by Hustler a few months back.
  • Here's the shot of Basinger from Celebrity Sleuth. She raises her arms and the boobs escape from her dress.