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Dreaming About You

(Anoche so contigo; 1992)

Leticia Perdigon film clips (samples below)





Kayo Matsuo in Shogun Assassin

Amber Heard in The Joneses

Carol Doda

Katherine Lang in Soul Assassin

Diane Kruger in Inhale

Fetish queen Dita von Teese



Marina Hands in Lady Chatterley (mammoth download)

Rebecca Hall in Wide Sargasso Sea (samples below)

Saija Lentonen in Young Love (samples below)

Angelina Jolie in Pushing Tin (sample below)

Dascha Lehmann and Annette Frier in Post Mortem: Der Nuttenmoerder (samples below; Lehmann far right)

Charlize Theron in Head in the Clouds (samples below)

Katia Winter and Deborah Francois in Unmade Beds (samples below, Winter left)

Katjana Gerz in Must Love Death (sample below)