Today's Images.
Scoopy Jr's Hot Pics of the Day
  • Rasslin' fans, here's a new one for you from Monday: Chyna, capped by Stirsq!
  • If you like Anthea Turner, you better get yourself the new Tatler magazine. Here's the cover
  • And here's one of the Anthea Turner pics, as actually run by a newspaper, the Telegraph, and hot from the presses. (Needless to say, we'll take better ones if you have them)
  • One from the request file: Lorraine Bracco in "Medicine Man"
  • One from the request file: Maria Conchita Alonso in "Caught"
  • From PAL
  • French actress Carole Bouquet. Vidcaps from "A Business Affair".
  • Emmanuelle Seigner, vidcaps from "Bitter Moon". We get a few 'caps sent in from this movie from time to time, and I can never avoid the same one thought as I look at them. Today's 'caps are a prime example too...Emmanuelle is supposed to be this mysterious, exotic, sexy woman in the film. In one scene (vicapped by PAL today), she's enticing her lover during a meal by pouring milk all over her naked breasts. O.K., sounds good to me, but...everytime I see these 'caps, I don't think sexy, it looks more like she was in some awful accident, and is now either brain dead, or doped up to the point where she drools on her self. Would somebody please give her a bib!
  • Ahh, her highness, Queen Severance. I believe she is the number 1 all time Scoopy Family favorite. Today's vidcaps could be from almost any movie I suppose, since she's naked in practically all of her films, however, since we try to be accurate, today's are from "Lake Consequence".
  • Next we have Mrs. Patrick Swayze, Lisa Niemi. From one of her early masterpieces, "Slamdance".
  • From Crow
  • I guess Crow is taking a break from the Rasslin' pics, today we have a few vidcaps from our long time contributor. Most of these already are in the Encyclopedia, but they make for good variety. Here's Bridget Fonda from the movie "Touch".
  • Bridget Fonda in "Touch" #2.
  • Christie Conaway, vidcaps from "Attack of the 50ft Woman".
  • More clips from "Attack of the 50ft Woman". Here's the actual 50ft woman, Daryl Hannah.
  • Daryl Hannah from "Attack of the 50ft Woman", #2.
  • Here's Illeana Douglas from "Wedding Bell Blues". I've never really thought of her as very attractive, but these 'caps show us that she looks pretty good in a bikini.