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Jordana Largy, 1920x800 film clip

Michele Cummins, 1920x800 film clip

For the next few contributions I thought I would head to Great Britain. First up, British movies of the 60s and 70s. This was an interesting time in British movies nudity-wise, as you can see from the movies below. Producers such as George Harrison Marks and Stanley Long were continually pushing the boundaries of nudity. There wasn't much in the way of story, just enough to allow there to be plenty of naked women, many of whom also posed in the girly magazines of the time. Possibly the most famous of these women was Mary Millington who, unfortunately, killed herself in 1979. Her fame was such that they made at least two movies using archive footage for a couple of years after her death. These will be in the next contribution, a fortnight hence.

Today: part 5 of 5 this weekend, TV. There has been nudity and suggestive material on British Television for a number of decades, as you can see from this potpourri of shows.

Blakes 7

- an excellent sci-fi series for its time

Series 3 Episode 6 City at the Edge of the World (1980)

Carol Hawkins - pokies

Josette Simon - sexy outfit

Series 4 Episode 10 Gold (1980)

Dinah May - cleavage

Brittas Empire

- a very funny comedy show set in a leisure centre

Series 1 Episode 3 (1991)

Pokies and cleavage by Pippa Haywood.

Francis Howerd in Concert


Frankie Howerd is a well-known and funny comedian, and the master of asides to camera in shows such as Up Pompeii.

Julie Ege - amazing cleavage

Man About the House

- a funny show, upon which the US comedy show Three's Company was based.

Series 6 Episode 4 The Sunshine Boys (1976)

The female leading actresses Paula Wilcox

and Sally Thomsett are in their bikinis.

Monty Python's Flying Circus

A classic British comedy show. Not all their skits worked but enough did such that many of their catch-phrases are still in use, nudge, nudge.

Series 1 Episode 2 Sex and Violence (1969)

Carol Cleveland - cleavage

Series 1 Episode 3 How to Recognise Different Types of Trees from Quite a Long Way Away (1969)

Carol Cleveland - in her underwear

Series 1 Episode 5 Man's Crisis of Identity in the Latter Half of the 20th Century (1969)

Carol Cleveland - in her underwear

Series 1 Episode 6 It's the Arts (1969)

Sheila Sands - breasts

Unidentified - knickers

Series 1 Episode 11 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Goes to the Bathroom (1969)

Carol Cleveland - in her underwear

Flanagan - upskirt

Sheila Sands - breasts

Series 2 Episode 10 Scott of the Antarctic (1970)

Carol Cleveland - side boob

Series 3 Episode 3 The Money Programme (1972)

Unidentified - wearing a g-string

The Perfect House


Solid B-horror about a house on the real estate market which was inhabited
by a string of serial killers, the murder house extreme. Canadian expat Holly Greene
stole the movie as a caged woman who torments her captor.

Monique Parent: very sexy as real estate agent showing off the bedroom.  

Andrea Vahl: very sexy.

Alex Markousis: skivvies.

Jamie Lee Baker: bra and panties.

Holly Greene: sexy.

Angelina Leigh: topless providing the only nudity in the movie.

BONUS ...Angelina Leigh: while topless in many b-movies she's also a nude model.

Total Recall

(2012; cam)

There appears to be at least two versions circulating on the internet. One where the three-breasted hooker is topless and the other where there’s a CGI brassiere placed over her boobs. The uncensored one is playing in Canadian and US theatres but it's not known which countries are screening the censored one.

Kaitlyn Leeb: now you see them and now you don't.

Kate Beckinsale: tighty whities.

Miranda Jade: sexy as chick on balcony.

various: strippers, hookers and sexbots.

When this movie is eventually released on DVD it will be the director's cut with 20 extra minutes of footage and hopefully more sexbots.

BONUS: while Kaitlyn Leeb's three boobs in Total Recall are a prosthetic, she has  shown both of them for real in her earlier movies as Kaitlyn Wong:

Kaitlyn Leeb: Locked Down

Kaitlyn Leeb: Wrong Turn 4

American Mary

(2013; preview)

Another horror starring Katharine Isabelle, presumably she still keeps on her clothes.

Paula Lindberg: nude wearing only a coat of latex.

"The L.A. Complex"

episode: "Vacancy" (s2e01)

A recap of what's not been uncovered.

Cassie Steele: side boob in opening sex scene.

Chelan Simmons: sexy in her last appearance.

episode: "Be a Man" (s2e04; last week's episode)

Krista Allen: very sexy in strapless bra.

Cassie Steele & Megan Hutchings: lesbian kiss in start of threesome.

Natalie Gauvreau: bra and panties as stripper giving Georgina Reilly a lapdance.

Rebecca Dalton: bikini.

hookers: sexy.

episode: "Taking the Day" (preview; s2e05)

Must be post-Olympics sweeps week as everyone will be having sex with each other.

Jewel Staite: arms-over-boobs after strip search.

Cassie Steele & Megan Hutchings: nude while the threesome continue.

"Murdoch Mysteries"

episode: "Staircase to Heaven"

 Lauren MacKinlay: pokies in wet nightgown. That's Georgina Reilly with her.

"Instant Star"

episode: "Like A Virgin" (s3e02)

Alexz Johnson: partial boob after her character has a wardrobe malfunction. That's Zoie Palmer from Lost Girl as the brunette goth chick also flashing her boobs off camera.

episode: "Possession" (s4e09)

Cassie Steele: post-Degrassi cleavage.


"Das Boobs"

In this 1984 submarine spoof it's the female seamen manning the torpedo racks.

Andrea Martin

Heather Smith

Beyond the 7th Door


Low budget horror made mostly as a Canadian tax shelter write-off, but the only thing that came off was Bonnie Beck's skirt.

Bonnie Beck


episode: "Wendy Stetler" (s2e13)

Talia Russo: sexy as the redhead hooker in the background.

"Femme Fatales"


1080p clip of Janelle Marra

Film/TV Clips

Mary McCormack on "In Plain Sight." There's no real nudity, but this is about the most you're gonna get on the USA network.

Marie Denarnaud in Les adoptes (2011)

Peggy Lukac in Alles Liebe (2010)

Teresa Weissbach, also in Alles Liebe

Ursula Andress in Scaramouche (1976). A true classic, even if the actual nudity is brief!


  more Miranda Kerr nudes

Helene de Fougerolles in The Fall (1998)

Soo Garay, also in The Fall

Alessia Merz in Panarea (1997)

Giorgia Riccardi, also in Panarea