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Blume in Love


Complete spoilers.

Blume in Love consists of a man's memories of his marriage, divorce, and beyond, as viewed in flashback from a caf in Italy. The recollections begin as he (George Segal) marries a social worker and free spirit (Susan Anspach), even though he is a divorce lawyer and rather "establishment." He accidentally sticks his dick in his secretary (Annazette Chase), so his wife kicks him out and divorces him. He wants her back, but she will have none of it since she was probably just looking for an excuse to dump him anyway. He then broods and has frequent sex with another woman (Marsha Mason), although she would like more from the relationship. Meanwhile, his ex-wife moves an itinerant musician (Kris Kristofferson) into her house and her life. The ex-husband finds that he actually likes the musician more than a little, and the three end up hanging out together. Then ex-hubby finds the perfect solution to win his ex-wife's heart back: he rapes her, and gets her pregnant. (??) Then he goes to Italy to wait for her and bore us with his tale of woe.

This, believe it or not, is a comedy, and was a top-shelf studio project helmed by Paul Mazursky. A young Roger Ebert adored it, to the tune of 4 stars.

I despised it, although I like the people involved and director Mazursky also did one of my personal favorite films, Moscow on the Hudson. I never saw Blume when it first came to theaters. When this film was released, I had been married less than a year, and had much better things to do with my time and limited cash than to go to movies. Seeing it for the first time in 2008, I can see that it just doesn't work. Even if one can ignore the fact that the supposedly sympathetic narrator is a rapist, one cannot muster up the requisite sympathy for hum because he is still a total jerk, even without the rape. It is hard to say what I would have thought about it back then, but I doubt that I would have liked it any better in the context of its time, because this film left a lasting depression on me.

Nudity from Marsha Mason, Annazette Chase and Erin O'Reilly wasn't nearly enough to hold my interest. 











Mind, Body & Soul


More "babes in bondage" today.

This is one of former porn star Ginger Lynn Allen's earlier mainstream movies. Ginger shows off the tits in a rape scene and in the sack. She gets all tied up, but keeps her clothes on. Caps and five clips.



Veronica Carothers bares the boobs as she is a "babe in bondage" waiting to be sacrificed by some nasty guys. Caps and two clips.







Notes and collages



Carolyn Lowery









The Lover


Scoop's note: Yesterday Aesthete covered Warm Texas Rain, which may be the best straight-to-vid softcore ever made. Today he managed to take it up a notch. The Lover may be the best softcore of any kind, ever. It answers the question, "What would happen if a truly great director (Jean-Jacques Annaud) made one of these?"

Magnificent photography, exquisite atmosphere and mainstream actors having sex which may or may not be simulated.

Jane March film clips. (Warning: 120 meg.)

Jane was actually 18 or 19 when she made this film, although she looked about 13 in some frames. Collages below.








This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Audrey Sarrat in Sous le Soleil






enter the DragonScan

No DragonScans today, but a DragonClip of Vanity in Action Jackson






Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo


As you might expect, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay is not as funny as Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. Not even close.

But it is funny. And it has a lot more nudity, including a "bottomless" party.

This time the stoner friends decide to go to Amsterdam so Harold can see his girlfriend who is working there. And of course, weed is legal there, a bonus. Unfortunately, Kumar can't wait, and when he lights up his new smoke-free bong in the plane's bathroom, the air marshals mistake it for a bomb (bong...bomb, get it), and our friends are sent to Guantanamo Bay as terrorists.

Not surprisingly, Guantanamo doesn't agree with them, especially when they're told they must give the guards a blowjob, so our guys escape and make it back Florida. To clear themselves, they must get to Texas, but not unexpectedly, that trip doesn't go smoothly either.

This movie is funny, and makes some political statements like the original did, but it just doesn't quite measure up to the original in terms of comedy. Nudity-wise, though, it's probably better.

Chantel Silvain and Ava Santana Claudia Pena







Leelee lookin' sexy. No nipple action, but a see-through on the bottom half of her impressive breasts.


More of Jo Champa in that revealing see-through


Film Clips

Shu Qi, best known as the hot babe in The Transporter, stark naked in True Woman. Samples below.