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"Just the Two of Us" (1975)

Just the Two of Us (1975) is a lesbian exploitation film newly released by Wolfe. Elizabeth Plumb and Alisa Courtney are both work widows, as their husbands work on some government project out of state, and only come home some weekends. The two have become best friends, but when they stop at a new restaurant and see two lesbians holding hands, it gives them ideas, and soon they are lovers. Alisa Courtney, it turns out, is a real party girl, whereas Elizabeth Plumb is devoted to her. When Alisa takes up with an actor, Elizabeth tries a party with a lesbian hostess, but balks at the last minute. Casual sex is clearly not her thing. We also see that Alisa's actor is not serious when he screws a producer's wife to get a reading for a TV series.

Alisa Courtney, Elizabeth Plumb, Elizabeth Knowles and Luanne Roberts all show breasts and buns.

IMDb is still awaiting 5 votes. While this is clearly 6 years after That Tender Touch, in that the master is in better shape, and there is more nudity and girl/girl touching, this film has none of the camp or charm of That Tender Touch, and ends up just a tired soap with a gay/lesbian element. This is a C-.

Alisa Courtney

Elizabeth Knowles

Elizabeth Plumb

Luanne Roberts


"The Tomb"

A movie from director Fred Olen Ray, and you know what that means, cheap and exploitative. Here we have Michelle Bauer tracking down a archaeologist who desecrated her Tomb, she plays Nefratis, a immortal woman who is looking for revenge. She and her co-stars were little clothes to none, what makes me wish for more directors like good old Fred.

Dawn Wildsmith

Kitten Natividad

Michelle Bauer

Susan Stokey

A return to the horror realm today as we visit a Paul Naschy flick "Panic Beats" from 1983 which features full frontal nudity from three attractive ladies.

Carol Kirkham stark naked and bloody in the movies opening scene.

Paquita Ondiviela a fetching beauty with breathtaking charms, sadly she had a very short career her last credit at IMDB as in a 1983-84 Spanish TV series.

Silvia Miro as Naschy's mistress (he was a busy fellow in this movie).

Dann reports on "Disturbia":

Called a modern version of Hitchcock’s Rear Window, 2007's thriller Disturbia does have some similarities, since the main characters in both are house-bound, and view crimes through their windows. However, the differences outnumber the similarities, but in both cases the result is a pretty cool thriller, and Disturbia throws in a teenage romance plot line for good measure. After his father dies, Kale becomes resentful and rebellious, and smacks his high school Spanish teacher when the teacher mentions his father. Sentenced to house arrest, Kale wards off boredom by watching his neighbors, but he becomes suspicious of one man when he spots the man driving a classic Mustang with damage like one reported to belong to a serial killer. Kale also spots a newly moved in teenage girl with whom he eventually becomes friends, and with his best friend, the three band together to snoop on the neighbor, but when the neighbor finds out, things take a dangerous twist. Nothing new here, but it's a fun little thriller that entertains even though you pretty much know where it's going, and how it'll end.

Sarah Roemer


Julianne Moore in "Short Cuts".

Rok's comments:
For me this scene is one of the most sexually-charged ever filmed mainly because she's not trying to be sexy. The moment is an argument between a husband and his wife about infidelity; she just happens to be bottomless at the time while she removes a stain from her skirt (and it's impossible for me to not stare at her natural orange pubic hair.)


"La distancia" aka "Going The Distance" (2006)


La distancia (2006)

Daniel es un boxeador joven que ya ha estado en varias ocasiones a punto de conseguir el título, pero es derrotado una vez más. Tras el fracaso, comete un robo y es encarcelado. Guillermo, un policía autodestructivo y atormentado por su homosexualidad latente, chantajea a Daniel para que cometa un asesinato dentro del presidio. Daniel recobra la libertad tras ejecutar el encargo y vuelve a lo único que sabe hacer, boxear, pero esta vez la búsqueda del dolor para paliar su sentimiento de culpa ha convertido su estilo conservador en otro más agresivo. Recuerda la última conversación con el hombre al que asesinó, en la que le hablaba de su mujer (Belén López), una puta más dentro del club que él regentaba, y va a conocerla. Esa relación entre el asesino y la viuda de su víctima le parece peligrosa a Guillermo, que intenta impedirla.



Going The Distance (2006)

Daniel is a young boxer who has been on the verge of obtaining the title, but fights too conservatively and is defeated once again. After his most recent failure in the ring, he commits a robbery and is jailed. Guillermo, a self-destructive cop who is tormented by his latent homosexuality, persuades Daniel to commit a murder for him while in prison, which Daniel agrees to do in exchange for his freedom. Once free, he returns to the only thing that he knows how to do, boxing, but this time his pain and guilt of his life have turned his old conservative style into a more aggressive one.

He remembers the last conversation with the man he killed, in which the doomed man spoke of his woman (Belen Lopez), once a hooker in the club he ran. Daniel gets to know her. The relationship between the killer and the world-weary widow of his victim seems to threaten the troubled cop Guillermo, who tries to prevent it.

Belén López

Dayana Chang


Former "Enterprise" babe Jolene Blalock looking good in ultra-tight undies as well as giving us an upskirt view in scenes from "Shadow Puppets". Look for her return to sci-fi in the upcoming "Starship Troopers: Marauder".

Actress, singer and actual is Natasha Alam baring a bit of breast an bum in more scenes from "Shadow Puppets".